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May 8, 2020
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for archival purposes!! from symphonic band google classroom

hey! please check your email!! i sent you a loose update.  also, i have entered in a 0 for some journals this week.  as the new guidelines came out there are some new things that are coming to you.  i do not mean to be “catching” anyone so if something is up please let me know.  at the same time, we do need to be DOING things every week.  or at least TRYING to.  we still have to do things and have to try our best.  i am having some issues myself and quite frankly i am up/down/sideways sometimes/most days.  i think it is a little more cyclical for me.  i have a good period or chunk of the day, and THEN NOT SO MUCH!!  for real!!  last week my sleep schedule was real messed up.  i was waking up at 3 am and then just staying up and hanging with my cat.  sometimes we watched star wars clone wars.  sometimes i drank coffee and then got super dehydrated.   i think it was last week! now this week it is a little better.  MAYBE?  i have been researching new pillows that might help me sleep better?  but i sort of think they are a hoax! a farce!!  i want to say i appreciate you!! even though i have not seen you all or heard from you.   i have had a great year/time and I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS YEAR FOR SO MANY REASONS!!!  this weekend i am going to try to plan a little more and i will be able to hit you directly with some stuff on tuesday.  check out google classroom.  SENIORS, double check the survey and pic upload spot.  we are trying to highlight your incredibleness through various social media spots.  BYE EVERYBODY! MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! also i have been working on some personal improvement about communication with my fiancé and it is INTENSE! communication IS SUCH A GREAT TOPIC.


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2020 update/reminder

February 13, 2020
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this is no longer a communication avenue for students.  this is a resource for former students and fellow educators.  as of september of 2019 the only communication i have with current Lane Tech students is through google classroom.  thank you!

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hello! is anyone out there?

July 23, 2019
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you should be getting a varsity band update through google classroom shortly.

how are you doing?  is everything ok?  do you have any questions?  did you survive the heat?


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welcome! r u ready?

June 12, 2019
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hope to be out by 4.

new things! attendance.

dates for next year.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY/WEEK/MONTH/LIFE.  what do you want the end to be like?  work from there…

drum major, tune selection, EOY stuff

summer opportunities:  samba, more? stay posted







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fela kuti

March 12, 2019
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singer, songwriter, pianist, saxophonist, drummer, civil rights activitst

born – 1938 in nigeria

died – 1997 – complication of AIDS

created the style “Afro-Beat.” funk, jazz, salsa, calypso and traditional nigerian yoruba music.  multiple guitars.  a lot of percussion.  wild synths.  percussive stuff galore, baritone sax.  claves/woodblock and shekere.  call and response.  solo-istic huge breaks.

1963 – Koola Lobitos, later became Afrika 70 and then Egypt 80.  his initial big song writing tool that he used, LONG SONGS.  15 minutes or so, others were WAY LESS.

“In the 1970s and ’80s, Kuti’s rebellious song lyrics established him as political dissident. As a result, Afrobeat has come to be associated with making political, social and cultural statements about greed and corruption. One of Kuti’s songs, “Zombie,” questions Nigerian soldiers’ blind obedience to carrying out orders. Another, “V.I.P. (Vagabonds in Power),” seeks to empower the disenfranchised masses to rise up against the government.”

Ginger Baker (drummer with Cream).  Went to nigeria to hang with fela.  there are some good videos on youtube and also amazing albums to check out.  i am still not sure what first initiated this discussion.

he was arrested over 200 times.

built a club called the shrine.

had a compound called kalakuta republic (recording studio, family lived there, band lived).  stormed by the nigerian government.  allegedly 1,000 nigerian troops were fed up with him.  beat up everybody.  messed them up.  allegedly threw his grandmother out the 1st floor window.  she later died of complications from being beat-up.  some people think this is false.

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beyond black history month

March 11, 2019
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check these out!





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happy new year!

January 7, 2019
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thanks for the sweater asia!! 0.jpg

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halloween 2018

November 1, 2018
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how do pirates know that they’re pirates?



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September 25, 2018
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alright students!

today – we need to talk about upcoming things.

saturday october 6th – 12 pm.  BRANDON – DO YOU SEE THIS?  please be in the band room at 10 am.  game should be done around 2:30 pm or 3.

no school monday the 8th

parades october 20th and 21st.

-20th –  4:30 pm call downtown.  must arrange transportation.  parade is 6-8 pm and is awesome

-21st – 11 am call at Lane.  parade starts at 12 pm .  done at 2 pm.  right down roscoe village.

parade music? drumline rehearsal wednesday?  friday special concert? band forms and catching up with rentals, shoe rentals, inventory, grades, etc

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LT Homecoming – one for the ages

September 24, 2018
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hey! i had fun.  almost too much fun.


-pep rally.  thanks for those that helped a lot.  you know who you are.  i walked in the building at 5:48 am.

-school song!  #yes

-friday night mr. veren and i both had different gigs.  stayed up super late.  got to lane no problem the next day.  set up some new things.  feeling good.  i loved the outfit i had on.  haters are going to hate.

-game – great time or greatest time.  we went over to say hey to LP because that is what you do when guests are in your house – you welcome them.  it is called “kindness.”  pause for a few off the mark comments on this.

-i had to go get the command center.

-SENIORS – i am more proud of you than ever! majorette captains, flag captains! THANK YOU!  when homecoming is early it is a challenge.  this was not a bad show.  adam, cordell, izuli, bernie. wow.  came through in the clutch.

-haters are going to hate.  i ask you – all of the sudden you care about band now?  what about all the other times some of you never showed up to rehearsal and/or cared?  you are going to criticize what i am doing?  lets focus on sounding good first! so help me if i take some time to chat with parents and enjoy myself.  i am sorry that other people wanted to talk to me and that i looked like a boss and had a saber.  we played before the game, we marched in, we played the national anthem, we gave the break between 1st and 2nd to LP, we played a show at half-time, we played between 3rd and 4th and we played at the end.  if we played a ton during the 1st half i felt there was a chance we would have lost all our juice!  during 3rd quarter i thought we needed a brief rest! it was sunny and we were right in THE SUN!!  asia felton had to ask her boyfriend to a dance!!  ALSO, we don’t really play a lot during the game.  the offense has REQUESTED THAT WE DON’T PLAY WHEN THEY HAVE THE BALL!! ALSO, WHEN THE BAND IS ALL THE WAY TO ONE SIDE, LIKE WE ARE, IT IS HARD FOR THE REST OF THE SEATING TO HEAR US!! When LP is on the other side the music comes right toward us.  I had a non-band student tell me that they could hear the other band more.  i said thank you.  i paused, and was about to explain to him the concepts of physics but made a judgement call and felt he was not worth my time.  could we have played more – yes.  could we have played less – yes!!  at the same time we were getting destroyed! we didn’t have much to celebrate! you know?  some other seniors in the band just left and walked around! some of them took their uniforms off.  haters are going to hate.

-so i ask of you – why?

-last football game (for some of you) is october 6th.  what do you want to be your last memory of football games to be?

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