almost december!

November 30, 2011
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it is hard to believe it is almost december!

homework update!

3rd period: BE PREPARED Gahu quiz is next tuesday

4th period: brief test on friday: ascending intervals and melodic dictation.  CHRISTMAS MUSIC WILL START ON THURSDAY!

8th period: answer the last question of the worksheet by friday.  plus a picture of wynton marsalis and BACH.


check this out!

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harmony meetings

November 28, 2011
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Monday – Symone 3:20


  • Megan – 7:10
  • Rachel – 11:40
  • Evan – 3:10
  • Naia – 3:20


  • Belinda – 3:10
  • Anna – 3:20


  • Arielle – 3:10
  • Olivia – 3:20
  • Terra – 3:30


  • Jocelyn – 3:10
  • Ethan – 3:20
  • Roger – 3:30

Monica, Hilda, and Nicky need a time


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happy holidays!

November 27, 2011
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i trust this message finds you doing well.

i personally cannot wait to see you all again on monday.  the 168th semi-annual concert is coming up on thursday december 8th at 7:00 pm.  all are to attend.  more details on monday.

attached are some pictures from our hot chocolate session after open house on sunday november 20th.

reminder for 3rd period: minor scales (treble and bass) are due on monday.  all three forms.

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Tuesday 11.22.11

November 22, 2011
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3rd period!!  LOOK AT YOUR GAHU NOTES!!!  if you did not perform on sunday, YOU ARE ALREADY LATE!!  you needed to do the alternative assignment for monday.  look on the blog.

4th period minor scales are due on monday (11/28).  treble and bass clef, ascending and descending.  natural, harmonic, and minor.  ***subscribe to the blog by 11 pm tonight!!

6th period finish the youtube assignment with Bobby McFerrin below.

8th period Lizbeth and Alex, go to youtube.  Type in “Walk Away by Ben Harper.”  Watch any clip of it you can.  Create a 15 sentence explanation of the song.  what do you hear?  what does it mean?  which instruments do you hear?  contact me if you have any questions.  then e-mail your response.

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short week update!

November 22, 2011
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4th period

-“A” melodic minor ascending and descending (treble and bass clef) DUE TUESDAY!

6th period

watch this video

and type up (or neatly write up) a 10 sentence response.  DUE TUESDAY!!

8th period

three-hole punch all returned assignments and organize binder.

you should have your:

-let it be assignment

-musical madness “cucurucucu…”

-quarter 1 reflection

-printed pictures of jalisco and veracruz

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urgent update!

November 17, 2011
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hello! 3rd period!!!!!

the performance at the 8th grade open house has been moved!!!  it is now beginning at 11 am!!

please tell everyone!!  donuts will be there at 10:15 am.  be there as soon as you can!!  10:30 at the latest!!  we will be loading in at the auditorium around 10:45 am.

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open house! alternative assignment and updates!

November 17, 2011
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Hello Everyone!!

3rd period needs to show up at 10:30 am (11 am at the latest) in the band room on sunday the 20th.  donuts and juice will be provided for all of those that arrive at 10:30 am.  it will be extremely fulfilling and a good time to discuss anything else.

you must wear the shirts we talked about, and darkish or light jeans.  we will perform barefoot!!

***kinka drummers will be meeting at mcdonald’s on addison at 8:30 am saturday.  we will be rehearsing some new things and getting more comfortable.  please e-mail if you have a question.

ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT for those not performing

2 pages typed and double spaced.  What have you learned this year and what can you take from it?  5 paragraph format.  Due on monday.

4th period – sorry we did not get into minor as much as we could

-there are 3 forms:

natural (la – la) we sing this almost every day

harmonic (la – la w/ SI) SI = raised 7th

melodic – which we will get to later.

please check back for updated weekly timelines.





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new music!

November 11, 2011
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we recently listened to this in 8th period music appreciation, let me know what you think!!!

also!  check out some of these…


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check THIS out!!

November 10, 2011
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i have all grades updated EXCEPT 8th.  8th will be entered first thing thursday morning.

Meet the Band was tonight and it went very well.

All of mr. Flygt’s classes are to attend the 168th semi-annual concert on thursday, december 8th at 7 pm.  extra credit will be given to any student who attends the choir or orchestra concert and provides me with a ticket.  a proper review will be given of the band concert and needs to be typed up and extremely official looking.

first person to e-mail me from 4th period harmony will get 50 extra credit points and $ 5 cash on monday.  all you have to do is say that you saw this.

3rd period is getting ready for open-house on the 20th and they are looking sharp!  we WILL TALK ABOUT COSTUMES ON MONDAY!

where is waldo?

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End of Quarter 1!!

November 5, 2011
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YES!!  Quarter 1 is almost finished!!  Take a second and please think about all of the amazing things we have accomplished in only 10 weeks…


3rd period

  • review Kinka
  • OPEN HOUSE 11/20 from 12-4.  More details on monday!!

4th period

  • all testing is post-poned until the following week.
  • duets on tuesday (november 15th) and written (november 16th)

8th period

  • pictures of all the instruments for # 13 from Chapter 2 due on monday!
  • “Let it Be,” contrafact is due on wednesday.  We will have some time in class to work on it.

and for your viewing pleasure


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