almost there!

December 18, 2013
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alright!!  here we go!

percussion i will give you until friday the 20th to turn in the review that is due this week.  it is the timbalada review.

dave king masterclass tonight @ the chicago music exchange (on lincoln/south of addison  7-9 pm).  the bad plus are coming to the jazz showcase thursday – sunday.  more info will be posted.  cool!  

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Concert Week!

December 10, 2013
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concert is friday! call time 5:30 pm in the bandroom for varsity band.  6 pm for jazz band.

beginning band alternative assignments are posted under the beginning band menu.

this friday will going something like this!

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a message from mr. o’brien

December 9, 2013
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Happy Weekend Band Members ..

Just a note for those that may be interested for themselves or a Christmas present… as most of you may or may not know, I play guitar and have had a blast with my guitar class this year. Through Mr Sweet, I have made a connection with Guitar Center on Halsted Mr Dave Pudlo and his manager Doug. I was called by them on Friday to tell me they would like to make a donation of a guitar and a keyboard to raffle off at Fridays concert .. Through an Alumni Grant I recently received 800.00 to purchase some guitars to keep in the band room for kids to practice and use. I chose to purchase the Epiphone PR-150 because after playing on several that were donated to Mr Sweet through Guitar center, I was very very impressed. This is a nice full size dreadnought 21 fret guitar with an absolutely beautiful sound, mahogany  body, rosewood fingerboard, great action across the entire fingerboard which is unusual for the lessor expensive guitars, this has a classic headstock with tuning keys and in many of our opinions, probably the absolute best guitar for the money .. I own several guitars myself including my hollow body Eastman I use at school and used in “unplugged” which runs about $4000.00 new and about $2000.00 used .. I was so impressed with this Epiphone I just bought one to have around the house…. So we will be raffling off 1 Epiphone PR-150 “Natural Grain” color Acoustic Guitar at this fridays concert if you or your parents are interested as well as a beautiful Yamaha PSR-E423 Keyboard and the Yamaha Survival Kit (accessories) …… (see attached pictures) … if you would like to try the same guitar to see if you like it, stop by my office and you can use one the guitars there.
Raffle Tickets will be $2.00 each at the concert and you must be present to win .. Booster Club members and music teachers are not eligible to enter the raffle ….. This is your chance to get an excellent guitar or keyboard for almost nothing CHRISTMAS AND THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!!..
Tell your family who may be coming about this.. all raffle proceeds go directly to the Band Program…..
Mr O
Good Luck


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