Below you will find some videos and pictures from Rio de Janeiro and Carnaval 2010.



*Roda Baiana*
(Recolhida da comunidade do Maracatu Nação Encanto da Alegria)
(Baque de Arrasto)

Oi que baque é esse, que estou escutando?
Encanto da Alegria! Que já vem chegando!

O meu santo é muito forte
Meu poder e na magia
Salve todos os orixas
do Encanto da Alegria

Roda Baiana, mostra seu gingado!
Este maracatu é de baque virado!

with love from Maracatu New York

Maracatu – traditional style of drumming from northeastern brazil with the distinct alfia drum.

Baiana – people in bahia who are influenced by their african ancestry.  baiana – women, baianos – man.

Gingado – is a difficult word to render into English. It has to do with the way you move. If you move clumsily about, then you don’t have much “gingado.”  A possible translation (though not 100% accurate) is “swag.”

Eu gosto do teu gingado! = I like yo swag!

Orixas – spirits and manifestations of the Supreme Diety.

Samba Reggae – what is it? Salvador, Bahia.  1970’s socially conscious black pride movement.  ethnic identity and pride in afro-brazilian heritage.  “samba de roda” initially brought to rio by bahians and then grew into something else because of the european influence.  as samba in both areas continued to grow it was not something that was theirs.  they wanted something that was.   

Ilê Aiyê

Olodum (candomble influence)

Timbalada (timbal)

Interesting Links AND PDFS

Carnval in Brazil.  Iowa State. Marlene Lima Hufferd



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