first post of the summer!

June 19, 2012
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hey all!  hector!!  where is the varsity band f-book link!  e-mail when you can.  thanks!!

varsity peeps, you have to follow the blog so you can get updates.  someone help me out here.  thanks

check out this article when you can, it is about everything you guys need to know about music and digital download/file sharing.  READ IT!


here is a clip that you should watch only if you are ready.

and check out this video of our special guest andrew green!

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last post of the school year

June 15, 2012
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hey all!

way to go on a job well done.  special thanks to everyone that really helped my first year at lane be one to remember.

a few shout outs:

first off – division 586 say what!


belinda!!  we will miss you!  please keep in touch.


this is what is on my mind now:

  • going to africa in july
  • marching band camp in august
  • gigs, weddings, and good times throughout the summer
  • seeing you all again in september

i will do some posts throughout the summer.  be sure to check out fatbook and bloco maximo on facebook.

can’t wait to see you all in the fall!!

take care and stay safe.

p.s. i will not be offering the drum class as originally thought.  maybe next summer.

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here we go finals part 2

June 10, 2012
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7,8,5 on monday

3,6,9 on tuesday

students interested in doing an extremely exciting summer drumming opportunity, please see me.

final study guide for music appreciation and percussion

  • sing one elementary exercise memorized
  • one short answer essay question
  1. be able to discuss how your own insight into music has changed throughout the year
  2. be able to discuss perceptive listening
  3. be able to highlight the most appropriate skills learned throughout the year.
  • 20 questions multiple choice from sem. 1 and 2

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here we go finals!

June 8, 2012
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marching shoes! http://www.bandmans.com/

flip books! http://www.luscombemusic.com/accessories.htm

hector!  let’s get the facebook page up!  you rock man!

i am so excited of all the things we did this year!!  i cannot wait to continue to grow with all of you.

seniors-you are ALWAYS welcome.  don’t be a stranger.  come by anytime

everybody else, regardless of where you are next year, come by anytime.  you are always welcome.

next year’s theme for pep rally will be: THIS IS NOT A DRILL 2012!

-a medley including Go Lane Go, Party Rock Anthem, and Hey Ya!

yes!  get ready!

check this out!

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June 5, 2012
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Varsity Band Members!!

please look on the right side of the website and locate the varsity band section.  click on it and read it!!

also, scroll to the bottom and “follow” the blog.  you need to enter your e-mail address to get updates.

once again, thanks for an awesome year!

another shout out to band board and the new drum majors!

  • khadijah lockhart (senior drum major)
  • nina hudson (junior drum major)
  • michael heilbronner (sophomore drum major)
  • marilyn barnes, band president
  • april pitre, vice-president
  • hector quiles, secretary
  • Josue Franco, music librarian

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last week of classes!!

June 4, 2012
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yee-haw!!  we are almost done!

2nd period give mr. flygt your e-mail

3rd period we will watch a good video about carnival this week and prepare for the final

4th period finish hymn texture sheet 3

6th period we will play this week

8th period lion king coming up!

in the meantime, check these out:

if you have the time:

and just to use a little spotify

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