January 24, 2013
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info for friday here.  also, go here if you have the time.

fatbook @ reggies rock club (2109 s. state st)

  • 8:30 pm, 17 +
  • $10, 6 bands
  • fatbook plays 30 minute set beginning at 11 pm


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yes! EC opportunity

January 22, 2013
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EC opportunity and credit given to anyone that attends the Latin American Literature presentation in the lunch room wednesday afterschool @ 3:30 pm.  go check it out!

HARMONY compose a bass line for # 50 and # 51.  be sure to use the chords we discussed in class.  taylor swift rhythmic dictation is due friday night.

percussion: extra credit if you can sing me any part of this song with a classmate at the beginning of class on wednesday.


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check this out!

January 18, 2013
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percussion you have journals

everyone, watch the video!

p.s. percussion thanks for killing it today!  22 is sounding good!

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taylor swift

January 16, 2013
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percussion DANG!  sounding good today.  as i am reviewing my notes i realized i made some errors.  i will do my best to fix them tomorrow.  please listen to the track above to get your mind BLOWN!

music appreciation 3rd and 8th, your critique is due tomorrow!

harmony finish out counting the snare drum etude and also sketch out the form.  let me know what you think.

varsity band great job at the pep band game.  i was really excited how we sounded.  it may have been the first time domino was played in that gym ever!


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form for harmony

January 11, 2013
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hey all!

5th period check out the form for this tune.  sketch it out for friday.  measures and form, verse, etc.

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regina spektor

January 9, 2013
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music appreciation!  e-mail me your songs if you have not already done so.

harmony compose a bass line for # 48 if you did not do so already.  additionally, find a song that has the rhythm dotted eight and 16th, or “1        a.”  i am posting one right here for you to use!

listen for the 2nd string voice at 4 secs.  it is a tough layer to hear but it is there!

how about this one?  everybody check it out!

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January 9, 2013
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3rd period e-mail me your tracks!!  20 of you so far have done so!  thanks.

4th rewrite that first line for let it be and also compose a bass line for # 48.

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just the facts – yeah baby!

January 8, 2013
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3rd and 8th copy 215, 216, 217, and 218 for tomorrow!

4th be sure to finish harmonizing # 49 and have lyrics for the beatles

that is it!

i don’t know if this will work.

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in the beginning

January 7, 2013
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3rd and 8th be sure to copy #215,216, and 217 for EE for monday!  look for the link on the previous post.

varsity band domino baby!   get ready to rock extremely hard!  check the new and updated pep band dates


harmony get lyrics to the beatles “let it be.”  check out ellegua in the resources page.

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here we go!

January 3, 2013
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watch these!

harmony!  lyrics to let it be.  go here

3rd and 8th – if you did not finish copying EE – go here:EE 333 215  

here are some thoughts for the new year.  respectfully submitted from some students.

this year I want to be a better piano player.  I want to learn more and be better everyday.  My goal is to be good enough to compose songs.

Looking forward in the year, there are many things I hope to accomplish.  I am looking forward to graduation and hope my college applications were good enough to get accepted where I want to go.  For my  instruments, I’d like to augment my proficiency though I don’t have much time to practice.

Before the end of this semester I want to have passed all my classes.  I want to procrastinate less.  I want to be able to play clarinet better and play more often.  I want to find my heart of gold and be a better person all together.

I’m searching for my big break, the chance to show people what I can do and to share my message with people who will listen.

My heart of gold is really being able to get into college that has a music ministry program.  I know for a fact that if my life continues to be a part of filling myself with the joy and mystery of music that I will be happy.  I know that I do not always make the time but if I could compose music then I would be fulfilled.  

By the end of this year, I would like to get a grade average higher than a “C” in pre-calc, advance into sinfoinetta, learn vibrato, and show my parents I can succeed.

By the end of this semester I want to actually get through everything I have planned as well as get to things I have not planned.  But overall, I would like to be more consistent.


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