the wonder years

all band pictures right here.  throughout the years we are putting them up on flickr.  here are some more videos to help stir the emotions.

Varsity Band Letter Winners


drum majors: luisa carillo, shea mcmullen (1st semester)

4th year pin:

3rd year pin:

2nd year pin


drum majors: david catalan, angelica rodriguez, josh brown


letter winners: ceyanna dobbins, isabel costales, isa perez, gisselle medina, kiara hayes, pat luczak, artur p, jose, eric platt, yuri okawa (3), makyra wilson, jean carlos (3), tanzania (3), J. Elias, Makika Key, Joi Courtenay, Cynthia, Maria Velasco, Bride, Armando Fabela, Angelica Rodriguez (3), David Catalan (3), Maritza Rangel, Steven Perez, Jazmin Alcaraz, Crystal Salgado, Esmeralda Vences


letter winners: yuri okawa (2)

2015 (addition of flag corps and majorettes)

drum majors: rafael guzman, jocelyn gallegos

3rd year letter winners (pin): gaby fabre, jessica herrejon, jacky cruz

2nd year letter winners (pin): jerry baffour, scott wilner, pedro osornio, nick pope, karina garcia, rafael guzman

1st year letter winners: erin t, david catalan, angelica rodriguez, frank miggliore, aaron bennet, michael covington, alex tellez, simon matthews, sasha salk, elizabeth rodriguez, blake berkowitz, paola lopez, oscar maldonado, patrick l


drum majors: nina hudson, joceln gallegos

2nd year letter winners (pin): jacky cruz, gaby fabre, jocelyn gallegos, jessica herrejon, araceli rangel, patty rangel, ramon robles

1st year letter winners: scott wilner, nick pope, rafael guzman, pedro lopez, pedro osornio, karina garcia, jerry baffour, jon roman, zach holloway, david andalcio


drum majors: khadijah lockhart, nina hudson, michael heilbronner

1st year letter winners: marilyn barnes, pitor brozyna, vanessa crisostomo, jacky cruz, gaby fabre, jasmine flores, jocelyn gallegos, sean hepp, jessica herrejon, omero jimenez, abed karaman, connie machuca, itzel martinez, lizet, jocelyn martinez, nancy martinez, yesenia martinez, bryan meinken, ella nettnin, robert owens, aura perez, cesar chavez, melissa , april pitre, araceli rangel, patricia rangel, xavier retana, ofelia robles, ramon robles, victor rocha, konrad rula, celina torres, luis vazquez.

the good times

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