Varsity Band

Varsity Band (Intermediate I, II, III, IV): This ensemble is geared for the student with more than 2 years experience.  Additionally, this group was formed solely for the purpose of providing music, spirit and enthusiasm at Lane Tech athletic events.  For the fall semester, the Varsity Marching Warriors perform at all home football games and local parades.  During the winter, they perform at every home basketball game.   For the 2nd semester, they focus on Concert Band and West-African Traditional  music (with international guest artist Nani Agbeli) as well as prepare for the following season.  Here you will have the opportunity to become a drum major and lead a group of your peers in front of the entire student body during pep-rally.  All percussionists in Varsity Band are in the Drumline.  Varsity Band also includes the Majorettes and Flag Corps.  To be in Varsity Band you must attend band camp in August 3:30-7:30 pm.  CHECK IMPORTANT DATES FOR MORE INFORMATION.

-see Mr. O’Brien or Mr. Flygt for details.  Audition ONLY.

philosophy statement

the marching program at Lane Tech College Prep is designed to create a positive learning environment that is conducive to a high level of musical and marching performance, while upholding the traditions of the Lane Tech Band but also the Lane Tech College Prep High School. every year we will get better.  we will march both corps style and show style to the best of our capabilities.

repertoire (in google drive, request access from mr. flygt through your CPS e-mail)

  • Traditions (+ indicates current repertoire)
  1. Go Lane Go +
  2. Varsity Anthem +
  3. Star Spangled Banner +
  4. Toast to Lane Tech +
  5. Lane Marching Song (not at this point)
  6. * You’ve Said it All (not at this point)
  7. * We are from Lane Tech! Chant/Cheer (not at this point)
  8. * If you want to be a Warrior (not at this point)
  • Pep Band Songs
  1. Heart of Steel +
  2. Crusher +
  3. Uh Oh! +
  4. SpottieOttieDopaliscious +
  5. Shout it Out! +
  6. How Great Thou Art +
  7. Wobble +
  8. Seven Nation Army
  9. Chelsea Dagger
  10. Imperial March
  11. Hey Ya!
  12. Iron Man
  13. Gonna Fly Now (Theme from “Rocky”)
  14. Why Can’t We Be Friends?
  15. Go Cubs Go!
  16. Party Rock Anthem
  17. You’re A MEAN One, Mr. Grinch! december selection?
  • Cadences (outside of  School of Champions Suite 1-4)
  1. Spin +
  2. Smooth Criminal
  3. Lean
  4. Pump it UP! +
  5. O +
  6. Fiat +
  7. Tijuca (10 of Hearts) +
  8. Half-Time Entrance +
  9. Cash +
  10. The Last Cadence +
  11. Untitled +
  12. Moose is Loose +
  13. Bugay +
  14. Shake Down
  15. Chasin’ My Tail
  16. Cymbalz On One
  17. Funky Shooz


  • Homecoming Pep Rally 2007 “Blues Brothers”
  • Homecoming Pep Rally 2008 “Eye of The Tiger”
  • Homecoming Pep Rally 2009 “Thriller”
  • Homecoming Pep Rally 2010 “Phantom of the Opera”
  • Homecoming Pep Rally 2011 “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”
  • Homecoming Pep Rally 2012 “Hey Ya! and Party Rock Anthem!”
  • Homecoming Pep Rally 2013 “Apache and All of the Lights”
  • Homecoming Pep Rally 2014 “Calabria and Happy”
  • Homecoming Pep Rally 2015 “You Ought to be Having Fun/ What is Hip? and Uptown Funk!”
  • Homecoming Pep Rally 2016 “All Night Long and Bang, Bang!”
  • Homecoming Pep Rally 2017 “Get Lucky and Crazy in Love!”

The Lane Tech Varsity Band

Please read all information below regarding class rules, guidelines, expectations, fees, fundraisers, rentals and other band related issues. Once you have read all information and your questions have been answered, please sign and return the form with your child. Instruments cannot be given out until the band contract as well as the rules form is signed and returned (electronically).

Welcome! I am very excited and cannot wait to share the joy of making music again with you all.

Fees for Varsity Band:

quick start: you will pay a $100.00 music fee (everyone). All ensemble members pay this fee (chorus, orchestra, guitar, percussion and band). This fee goes into the music department account and is spread around various ensembles to use on things such as music, repairs, supplies, new instruments and so on.

instrument rental fee: Lane Tech charges a one time yearly fee of $50.00 for instrument rental.  If you own your own instrument there is no fee at all (you still need to provide a contract stating so).  If you decide to rent from an outside company expect to pay a minimum of $25.00‐$65.00 per month. In the event that an instrument needs to be shared, the fee drops down to $25.00 per person.  In this case, the student would need to purchase their own mouthpiece which we can order for them. Costs vary for mouthpieces but would not exceed $45.00. Percussionists pay a $30.00 yearly maintenance fee which counts as the rental fee.

marching essentials: In order to perform as a Marching Warrior one will need the following:

**Flip Book, Marching Shoes and White Socks, Pep Band T-Shirt

*all of this is online and subject to change.  please stay posted.

Fundraisers: Every year we participate in a Fundraiser.

Instrument Care:

Before a student receives their instrument, a contract is sent home for both parents and student to read and sign. While we will pay for general upkeep and cleaning, any costs due to damage or theft by the student or anyone while in the care of the student falls on the responsibility of the student. This includes paying the repair costs or replacing the instrument if stolen. All band students will be issued a band locker to keep their

Instrument in during the day because Instruments are not to be left in the students’ regular school locker.

Homework is Practicing:

All band classes are “performance based” classes. The student’s grade is based mostly on how well they are playing. They will receive 1 written exam on terms and musical symbols as well as write a paper at the end of each semester, but mostly they will be graded on performing. Practicing the instrument is imperative to the success of the musician as well as their grade. Instruments can go home anytime and is highly encouraged. Students also have the option of practicing after school in one of our 5 practice studios at Lane.   The average practicing schedule should be 4 days per week.

*normal session is 30-40 minutes.  begin with long tones.  strive to nail 4 measures you cannot play.

General Class Rules and Guidelines

Leaving Any Ensemble:

In order for band, choir and orchestra to grow in terms of quality and musicianship, there must be consistency within the program in regards to membership. Simply put, no ensemble member is allowed to quit one ensemble to join another (ex: quit band to join choir, or quit orchestra to join band etc). An ensemble member CAN be in more then one ensemble at a time if it fits within their schedule. We have students who are in symphonic band, orchestra and jazz band in their junior or senior year, but they are not allowed to quit their primary ensemble to join another. The only exception would be if a student is placed in the wrong class by accident and needs to be switched. **READ THIS AGAIN**

School ID:

School ID’s are to be worn at all times.  They are in place for your safety and a rule that will be upheld in band.


You must be to class on time. 5 unexcused tardies and you will be pulled from a major performance at the discretion of Mr. Flygt.  Major Performances include: Homecoming, December Holiday Concert, T.A.S.T.E performance, any special guest concerts and the Spring Semi-Annual Concert.  Consistent tardiness will absolutely result in grades being lowered. Once in the band room students have 2 minutes to get their instruments/book and get seated. If you are late to class, you must have a pass or tardy slip.  Consistent tardiness will be dealt with on a case to case basis.  The first action will be a phone call home, the second action a meeting with the parents, and lastly I will personally orchestrate a meeting with the parents, student, counselor and the assistant principal.


Any behavior not becoming of a Lane Tech Student or Band Student will in no way be tolerated. Any negative comments about race, religion, ethnicity, sex, vulgarity or any other behavior deemed negative will be dealt with immediately and brought to an abrupt end.

Band Instruments:

No one is to play or touch any other instruments in the band room except their own. While it is tempting to go hit percussion Instruments, only Percussionists are allowed to. If you break it, you will pay for it. Do not play on any piano unless a director has given you permission. No student should for any reason touch any of the director’s musical scores at the podium.

Band Sheet Music:

Students are responsible for their Binders and Sheet Music. If you lose something contact the librarian or Mr. Flygt.   Most of the repertoire is on my Google Drive which I will share with you.  You should have a copy in your flip book and your binder.  Put your name on everything.

Band Lockers and Instrument Storage:

All students will pick a band locker for themselves where ONLY their instrument and music should be kept. Absolutely no food, beverages, clothes etc will be kept in band lockers. Band instruments will be placed in their case before going into lockers. If it is found that a student is mistreating an instrument, which includes keeping the instrument out of its own case, the instrument will be taken from them and they will need to rent one from an outside company. In the above instance, NO refunds are given on rental fees.


The Varsity Band will perform many times throughout the year.  All performances ARE MANDATORY and if missed will result in the grade of a zero. Exceptions include verifiable medical excuses or emergencies turned in the day of or the immediate day after.  If you miss an event you are responsible to complete the make-up assignment and turn it in to Mr. Flygt the next school day.  After that, nothing is accepted.

Concert Attire:

We will wear uniforms for Pep Rally, Homecoming, and the December Concert.  Pep Band T-Shirt must be worn for all other athletic events.  WHITE SOCKS AND MARCHING SHOES FOR EVERYONE EXCEPT DRUM MAJORS.  No jeans, gym shoes or prints are acceptable. If you are not prepared for the event you will not perform. My suggestion is to buy as much as you can at a thrift store, wash it and you are set. Buy clothes in advance and do not wait until last minute.  We have some shoes available.  SPRING CONCERT: FULL UNIFORM.  PART OF FINAL IS TO RETURN UNIFORM AFTER YOU GET IT DRY CLEANED.  



A Band Letter is a prestigious award which along with other accomplishments looks good on college letters.  To earn a Band Letter, one must acquire 50 points through a variety of services and events.  Everyone starts off with 0 points.  You have to turn this in order to be considered!!

1st year: Letter, 2nd year: Pin, 3rd year: Nicer Pin, 4th year: Plaque

Outside of Lane Tech musical ensembles: 10 points for the year.  this is not anything related to Lane.

Musical (pit band): 10 points.  if you were involved with the musical.  Nick Pope – this does not mean you.

Solo Contest: Points Based on Score.  High Superior=8, Superior=5, Excellent=4

Outside Engagements: 2 points with Directors Discretion.  Pep Band=2, Music Camps=2, Special Performances (NHS, Tri-M, Open House, Parades, Spring Marathon Event, Jazz Combo Gigs)=2.  FOOTBALL GAMES=3, HOMECOMING/PEP RALLY=4, special points awarded where notated.

Attending Lane Choir/Orchestra Concerts: 1 point each.

Other: 1-5 points.  This could be any music related activity for example: conducting a selection, assisting other ensembles in a concert, volunteering to perform at a non-mandatory event, cleaning the band room, helping out.  SECTIONALS=5 points (YOU KNOW IF YOU ATTENDED THEM)

Section Leader and Drum Major: 10 points

If you sit during samba rehearsal: -25 points

If you complain ever: -10 points

Documented use of cell phone: -10 points

Dancing irrationally during class; whipping, naenae-ing, dabbing, or any of that sort of tom foolery: – 35 points

Taking time out of rehearsal to look through your bag because you cannot find your phone charger and we have a concert coming up within days: – 28 points




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