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October 29, 2014
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i am going to be gone tuesday

October 28, 2014
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attention students:

i will be out of the office on tuesday (the 28th)

please follow the directions from the sub and complete all work announced.

varsity band watch the clip and respond with 10 sentences on a loose leaf piece of paper.  do you agree?  do you disagree?  what do you think?

beginning band your 8 week review is due tomorrow.  you also have in an class worksheet.

jazz band please rehearse outside pocket.  adjua, sean, and alex tellez can help lead.

percussion  you have an in class worksheet.  please follow the directions and look under the brazil section of the website.

thanks and see you wednesday!  if you have any money just hold on until wednesday.

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anti-bullying march

October 21, 2014
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varsity band wear any bears gear and/orange or a combination of both for our rally tomorrow.

i am looking forward to making music with you all yet again.  please get me you permit.

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Varsity Band Alternative Assignment

October 19, 2014
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jazz band fun times

October 12, 2014
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jazz band our community outreach event is @ the constellation .  3111 n. western ave.  $10-15.  i will have some change.  they go on around 9:30 pm and i will be there around then.  please wait in the lobby until i am there.

brunch – monday 11 am @ golden nugget (western/diversey/elston).  and then a movie.

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Varsity Band

October 7, 2014
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the essay review of homecoming is due in class on wednesday.  2 pages typed.  thanks!

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Alternative Assignment for Varsity Band

October 5, 2014
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watch the following and follow the performance review prompt outlined a few posts below.

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jazz band only

October 3, 2014
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jazz band: count basie assignment is due monday.  also, watch this video.

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