March 30, 2012
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just wanted to share this video with you all.  i posted the link on the side many months ago but i am not sure if anyone ever checked it out.

i will be going on saturday!!

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March 29, 2012
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hello!  go here for the facebook invite.

here are some fresh tracks.  first up, 4th period.

  • “Hold me, Rock me”

then we have some selections from 8th period Symphonic Band.  YES!

  • “American Patrol”
  • “Albanian Dance”
  • “Fandango”

and now!  2nd period!

  • “…To Realms of Endless Day”
  • “Prelude and Primal Danse”


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March 27, 2012
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good afternoon everyone!

i really enjoyed today!  everything went very good

3rd period please check out brazil section.  i put up a2 videos – 1 of the new break and another of some nice caixa playing.  i forgot one video over 3 years ago with my friend when i lived in boulder, co.  i know it is hard to believe – but i did have a friend once…3 years ago.

4th period test will now be the week we get back from spring break.  i forgot to talk about the overtone series.  there will be a few questions about that.

6th period you can still sing on the concert if you want to.  you have to be sure to come to both afterschool rehearsals on April 9th and 10th

8th period thanks for hanging in there.  here are 2 documents if you have not already done them.  they are due thursday.

they are from jazz in america.org.  it is an extremely informative website.  and something we are going to hit full steam for 4th quarter.

i will leave you with this awesome video clip.

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Really Awesome Spring Concert

March 27, 2012
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hey everybody!!  go here right now.  invite all your friends!!

be sure to get your concert flyer signed and returned to me ASAP!!!!

4th we have a quiz on wednesday, cool!

8th your vocab test is in fact on tuesday.

that is it for now!!

we had a great dance rehearsal this evening.  i took some pics of the drummers.  i still want all of the dancing to remain a secret until the very end!!  YAY!!!  special shout out to jorgie, michelle, jose, dave, and abed.  YES!!!!

this one goes out to all of you.

i am just really feeling this all.  i just enjoy positivity.  lets make the rest of this school year just amazing.

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wednesday update!

March 21, 2012
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hey everyone!! 

3rd period check the recordings!!!  thursday rehearsal is in the auditorium.  CHECK THE RECORDINGS!!  vote for t-shirt design!!  get ready to tell me your size tomorrow.

4th period great job today!!  i think our singing is coming together.  keep up the good work.  please check gradebook and let me know of any issues.  people that i still owe 2 “A’s”:  lets wait till we get through the 2 more tests for 3rd quarter and then we can make the switch.

  • homework for THURSDAY!
  • I-IV in D major.
  • I chord = bass on 3rd line D and soprano on 1st line F #
  • IV chord = bass on 4th space G
  • GO!!!! 🙂

6th period i will get that rehearsal recording up soon.  keep it up

8th period dance rehearsal and “Hold me…” rehearsal in the auditorium on thursday.  it is going to be awesome.

here is some motivational music…i dedicate this to you all

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Jazz Vocab

March 20, 2012
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jazz vocabulary list 1

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4 day week!

March 19, 2012
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hey all!

all grades should be updated by tonight!

here is some stuff you should check out

kurt is a guitar player

3rd period please vote for your preferred shirt.  also, check all rehearsal recordings

4th period keep on working on “Praise…” and “Hold Me…”

6th period keep up the good work.  nice rehearsal today.

8th period vocab test on all jazz terms on wednesday!!  i forgot that we have the auditorium on thursday!!  TEST ON WED!

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sunday! i hope all the choral people did well!!

March 18, 2012
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happy sunday of st. patty’s day!

here are some videos to watch

i am sorry for being sick on thursday.  i look forward to these 2 weeks before spring break.

here are the two designs for the t-shirts for the spring concert – let me know what you think?

p.s. you have to click on the link.

lane dwennimmen logo on gold

lane dwennimmen logo on yellow

8th period nice dance rehearsal on friday.  way to go.  watch this video to give you a sense of some other samba reggae.  this will give you a little idea

have a great day!

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thanks belinda!

March 14, 2012
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check out this awesome clip!

and this one is from belinda.

3rd period caixas and snares, try to think about your parts!!

4th period thanks for testing today!  look up some things about pagode.

6th period print off the song for tomorrow

8th period have typed jazz sentences for friday.  sara, i left yours in my mailbox.  thank you so much.

if anyone is feeling extra motivated, check this out.

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pretty nice day outside!!

March 13, 2012
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3rd period start the facebook event. 

4th period test tomorrow.  with metronome.  counting out loud.  you know what to do. be sure to check yesterday’s post – pagode homework.

6th period print off rock me hold me for thursday!!

8th period rough drafts are due wednesday.  additionally, form of “You are the Best Thing” is due on thursday. complete analysis of form (number of measures, etc).  here it is.

and here is another good track

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