alternative assignments

instructions:  must be typed!!  pick two of the videos for 1 missed event.  please share with mr. flygt

-name, date, event missed, title of videos, reason why you missed.

answer the following questions:

  1. have you missed an event before (why/why not…yes..or…no must explain in detail)
  2. did you tell mr. flygt that you were going to miss?
  3. did you e-mail mr. flygt you were going to miss?
  4. realistically, do you want to miss events? why/why not
  5. realistically, do you want to make it to events?  why/why not
  6. do you have your phone out all the time?  yes or no
  7. are you constantly on your phone during class in school – a blatant violation of the rules.  yes or no.
  8. do you do your homework during 1st period?
  9. do you do your band work in other classes?  for example, do you practice your high-stepping during english composition lectures?
  10. please name 1 thing you did positive this week.
  11. please name 1 thing you saw someone else do that was positive this week.
  12. give me 5 sentences about what you see in the video.
  13. list 10 things that you feel are interesting about the video.
  14. name 1 thing you took away from the video and may be able to fit into your daily life schedule.




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