i am gone. see you all monday

October 27, 2016
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hello!  welcome mrs. holton!  please help her out!!  i am gone thursday and friday.


1st period: drumline rehearse last cadence in 442.  everyone else study hall.  check google classroom.

3rd period: pulse movie (which is around 42 minutes). distribute worksheet.  collect at the end of class.  if internet does not work I will share it through google classroom.  have someone log in and open it.

4th period: rehearse “At Last” and check google classroom

6th period: pulse movie

7th period: pulse movie



1st period: drumline rehearse last cadence and run all other cadences.  everyone else please print off tunes listed in google classroom.

3rd period: jason hayward movie.  then theory worksheets.  everyone gets one. due monday.

4th period: rehearse “At Last” and also check out Carnavalia.

6th period:  under “intro to percussion” click on “wilcoxon” and find Arm and Wrist Stroke Studies No. 3 (2nd page) #1-5.  Deven – can you teach them?  after we learn 1-5 you can have study hall.  check out google classroom.

7th period: same as 3rd.

jason heyward – natural high


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candy money is due!

October 21, 2016
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all candy money is due!

if you have extra cases you have another week.  thank you!

Douglas Alonso – Destaque da Modern Drummer Brasil de março (#160)



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this week!

October 17, 2016
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varsity band


  1. candy money, distribute cases to drumline
  2. last fridays game
  3. uniform alterations (pants!)
  4. organization!  hangers!
  5. white shirt, white socks, hair back, gloves, and no music
  6. attendance from 9/29 and 10/14
  • Halloween Parade is this saturday meet at 4:00 pm columbus and roosevelt street pole C1011
  • arrange own transportation
  • parade is 6-8 on columbus drive from balbo to monroe
  • complete discussion today and friday after school at 3:30pm.

tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday rehearse outside.

  • repertoire for parade: new cadence and do whatcha wanna
  • also, still rehearse varsity anthem, heart of steel, do whatcha wanna, and xote for october 25th.
  • october 25th performance

beginning band

playing test friday.  TBA


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alternative assignment for 9/29 game

October 5, 2016
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you know who you are!

pick a video and answer the following questions:


 instructions:  must be typed!!

-name, date, event missed, title of video, reason why you missed.

answer the following questions:

  1. have you missed an event before (why/why not…yes..or…no must explain in detail)
  2. did you tell mr. flygt that you were going to miss?
  3. did you e-mail mr. flygt you were going to miss?
  4. realistically, do you want to miss events? why/why not
  5. realistically, do you want to make it to events?  why/why not
  6. do you have your phone out all the time?  yes or no
  7. are you constantly on your phone during class in school – a blatant violation of the rules.  yes or no.
  8. do you do your homework during 1st period?
  9. do you do your band work in other classes?  for example, do you practice your high-stepping during english composition lectures?
  10. please name 1 thing you did positive this week.
  11. please name 1 thing you saw someone else do that was positive this week.
  12. give me 5 sentences about what you see in the video.
  13. list 10 things that you feel are interesting about the video.
  14. name 1 thing you took away from the video and may be able to fit into your daily life schedule.

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class with dudu

October 4, 2016
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who is coming?

7:30-9:30 pm 4048 w. armitage

we need 20 people.

saturday? 1-3 1757 n. kimball

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