i am gone. see you all monday | October 27, 2016

hello!  welcome mrs. holton!  please help her out!!  i am gone thursday and friday.


1st period: drumline rehearse last cadence in 442.  everyone else study hall.  check google classroom.

3rd period: pulse movie (which is around 42 minutes). distribute worksheet.  collect at the end of class.  if internet does not work I will share it through google classroom.  have someone log in and open it.

4th period: rehearse “At Last” and check google classroom

6th period: pulse movie

7th period: pulse movie



1st period: drumline rehearse last cadence and run all other cadences.  everyone else please print off tunes listed in google classroom.

3rd period: jason hayward movie.  then theory worksheets.  everyone gets one. due monday.

4th period: rehearse “At Last” and also check out Carnavalia.

6th period:  under “intro to percussion” click on “wilcoxon” and find Arm and Wrist Stroke Studies No. 3 (2nd page) #1-5.  Deven – can you teach them?  after we learn 1-5 you can have study hall.  check out google classroom.

7th period: same as 3rd.

jason heyward – natural high


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