October 20, 2017
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varsity band today

October 16, 2017
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parade information.  what to expect:

uniforms (jacket, pants, shoes) go home friday after school.   bring a plastic bag to put your shoes in.

  1. 20 minutes realistically from when we begin
  2. we will play all our tunes before as a warm-up.  no music.
  3. crazy in love.  lines.  cadences. we will have more space.
  4. van is drumline and sousaphones only.  all other cases can be stored there but not long term.
  5. we have many swag apparels coming in.  stay posted.
  6. thanks bridee!!
  7. anything else?
  8. 4:15 pm columbus and roosevelt.  (cart…) parade is 6-8 pm.  then leave.
  9. 1:15 pm lane tech parking lot sunday.  parade is 2-3 pm.  then leave.

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varsity band update…YES!!

October 12, 2017
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things that need to happen today:

  1. put away uniforms from samba shred fest
  2. someone help me later to get the rest of the gear out of the van.  please.  after school or during another period.
  3. if you need different pants come today after school!! karla, everett, anyone else?
  4. we are unable to get more white shoes by saturday.  if the pair i instructed you to wear is huge please bring extra socks.  that is the best we can do.
  5. for this saturday, arrive at 10 am.  game is at 12:15 and we should be done completely by 3 or 3:30.
  6. working on specifics of the game.  we are planning on making a tunnel for the players to enter in, we will be playing in the stands primarily.  if we are able to take the field it would not happen until after the game.
  7. majorettes and flags – we need to make sure our crazy in love routine can transfer to the parade.  we need to talk about this today in your groups.  also, majorettes need to brainstorm beyonce outfit ideas.  this is for the parade on the 21st.  there needs to be forward progress continually.  we cannot stop or move backwards.
  8. 21st: 4:15 pm columbus and roosevelt. done by 8 pm. 22nd 1:15 pm lane tech lot.  done by 3 pm.  we will meet at length about this monday.  then tuesday – friday we will practice outside in the parking lot.
  9. shirts! david.  today we are going to run all of the other material inside.

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congrats! then, now, forever…

October 11, 2017
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way to go!  yet again!!  a great week.  i am not sure how you did it.  the tailgate party was the best it has ever been.  woo.


airplane noises!



candy?, shirts, fees, friday night, saturday, going forward, parades on the 21 and 22nd.  band board this friday.  thanks to samba last night.  woo!  anything else?

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