4th period homework + great rehearsal 3rd!

February 29, 2012
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3rd went real nice today!!  we have another half of the new samba dance to learn and then we have all 3 parts!!  WAY TO GO!!

4thfind the 12th partial of F (at the bottom of bass clef) and the 5th of A for Ana.  bottom of bass clef.  and then create one example going the other way: give the specific example of the partial and ask what the fundamental is.  COOL!

also, watch these if you are up to it.

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new homework for 4th

February 28, 2012
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4th find the 10th partial of E using the overtone series we discussed in class. 

and watch this only if you want to.

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happy late start day!

February 28, 2012
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2nd lets get ready for contest!

3rd gahu tuesday and wednesday!!

4th do all intervals on b-flat and d.  interval inversion.  for tomorrow (tuesday) notate all the intervals for the overtone series.  note: the intervals between each note.  16 partials, 15 intervals.

6th great job today.  it was encouraging to listen to “Viva La Vida.”

8th that worksheet is due wednesday.  i will be back tuesday!!  thanks!!

if you have time check here and here.

and this one if you have time!!

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stuff for thursday

February 22, 2012
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2nd period great rehearsal, lets keep it up!!

check this out!

3rd period watch some videos!  get inspired!!  get excited!!  this one is for PRES! AND OWEN!! AND ALL THE LOVELY PEOPLE IN 3rd THAT NEVER WATCH ANY OF THESE!  P.S.  WEAR LANE TECH CLOTHES FOR THURSDAY!

4th period i truly enjoyed every moment!  playing drums together was a lot of fun!!  and then we got to talking about the overtone series.  playing test friday, rhythms 1-13.  i will pick one, you have to clap it 4 times in a row – flawlessly.  this is one is for you guys and gals.

first 2 people to e-mail me that they watched the video will get an A on the next 2 tests.  this only applies to 4th period.

6th period this is an awesome trombone shorty vid.

this is also for the the trombone players!!

8th period sorry i was not there today.  i will collect the assignments tomorrow.  you will have a video for thursday and friday.

extra credit for going to TASTE on friday – write a review about it.  questions to come.

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new cool music!

February 22, 2012
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forgot to list the assignment for 4th period – interval inversions (maj. and minor) for g and c.  notate all of them.  due wednesday.

leo diaz, scroll down to NPR + neat stuff – then click on podcast.  that is the link to the radiolab.  i was unable to find your e-mail – sorry.

i hope everyone is having a great day. 🙂

here is a cool video from esperanza and some other ones you may enjoy.

please take the time to check this one out too – i think some of you might get very excited about it.

i know some of you asked and i certainly did get off topic, but, this weekend i was able to meet a pretty special person saturday night.  through an interesting chain of events, my friend and i met bboy Kmel.  and we got his number because he liked us.  check out this video

and here is a clip from my gig saturday night


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Music Session for 8th period

February 21, 2012
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Vicky – 21, Christian – 22, Alex – 23, Marcin – 24, Addam – 27, Sophia – 28, Brandon – 29, Anna – Mar. 1, Jack – 2, Viceth – 6, Danny – 7, Joshua – 8, Robert – 9, Anna P – 12, Chris – 13, Zach – 14, Ivan – 15, Erica – 16, Leslie – 19, Andrey – 20, Briel – 21, Sara – 22, Davieon – 26, Chris S – 27, Hector – 28, Philip – 29, Kathy – 30, Chris W – April 9th.

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February 21, 2012
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hello everyone!

3rd period reminder about shirts for thursday and performance on friday

6th period video reviews due wednesday – search the blog for more info

8th period – what is hip life?  finish the podcast discussion for wednesday.  jazz sentences list 1 is due wednesday.

everybody else!!  watch these clips!!


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almost friday!!

February 17, 2012
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here it is:

3rd period – new rehearsal recordings are up!!  be sure to check the “Brazil” section.  i also posted it right here JUST FOR YOU!

friday will be primarily a dance rehearsal – get ready!!

4th period – we will have a special guest – aaron mcevers – later next week.  be sure to notate chords that were assigned today for friday.

6th period – watch 2 videos and tell me something about them: trombone shorty, olodum….  be sure to have the NEW SONG printed for tomorrow.

8th period – podcast assignment is due on wednesday – as are the jazz sentences list 1.  april 12th concert!!!!


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February 16, 2012
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find them on facebook right here.

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February 15, 2012
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answer these questions in your review:

  • What about the experience was new or different for you?
  • What impressed you about this live music experience and why?
  • Which selection intrigued you the most? Explain what it was about the music that intrigued you.
  • If there was a selection that you did not enjoy, why didn’t you enjoy it?
  • What was your opinion about the performer’s presentation of the music?
  • If the piece is a new work what is your opinion of the writing of the composition?

    p.s.  watch this video

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