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“I’m starting with the Man in the Mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways, and no message could have been any clearer, if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, an then make a change!” – Michael Jackson

…all of varsity band


summer: drumline camp – days that work for us, flag practices captains – create an expectations list for summer and the fall, majorette practices – create an expectations list for summer and the fall, band camp last week before school starts and saturdays.  captain practices/uniform preparation, and team bonding.

september – beginning of school paperwork (online), football games, drumline stay posted,  sectionals for band members once a month with mr. flygt, saturday practices – to be discussed, 

october – homecoming football games, halloween parade downtown and roscoe village parade

november – basketball games, green and gold game (majorette routine)

december – winter concert no marching in, flags and majorettes have separate performances, basketball games, samba rehearsals begin?, for the concert we each have 2 periods in the auditorium.

january – tuesday samba rehearsals begin until may, after school gahu practice?, b-ball games, 

february – heads up on the musical – that is time commitment for mr. v and mr. f, b-ball games, TASTE performance Gahu – ALL INVOLVED?, AUDITIONS FOR NEXT YEAR

march – heads up on international days, begin nani repertoire

april – practice everything ever, continue keeping all parties involved everyday

may – west-african and samba showcase, continue keeping all parties involved everyday

june – spring concert with marching in, 606 parade?,  Goethe Fest? end of the year stuff


Playing music…

  1. Makes You Smarter. Scientific research has proven that musical training builds intellectual skills, raises IQs, increases spatial-temporal intelligence, improves memory, and develops creativity. As a result, children who play a musical instrument do better on average in school than those who don’t.  In a recent study of SAT scores, students with music education scored 53 points higher on verbal and 39 points higher on math.
  2. Teaches Discipline.  Music students learn that if they apply themselves, they can master a skill and achieve results they want.  Learning to play a musical instrument teaches self-discipline, the value of persistence, and the rewards of hard work.  Studies have shown that music students are involved in fewer discipline problems, less crime, and less substance abuse than non-musical students.
  3. Increases Self-Esteem.  Music is a self-expression.  Performing music in public, individually, and as a member of a group, builds confidence.  Making music means every musician plays a part that is important to the group.
  4. Relieves Stress.  Music helps calm the mind.  It’s been shown that music students experience less test- and performance-anxiety than students who don’t study music.  And according to studies, college-age musicians are emotionally healthier than non-musicians.
  5. Is Fun & Social.  Playing music in a group teaches teamwork, ways of working together, and the joy and rewards of group accomplishment.  Band and orchestra members share efforts and experiences, and are often friends for life.

Majorette and Flag Statement:  

Let’s do this!  This year is different.  I am the only teacher in charge of your grades.

We need to respect each other.  Sometimes we have good days. Sometimes we have bad days.  Please keep in mind it is a full year of instruction and we have many exciting opportunities lined up throughout the entire academic schedule.  

We are going to have partners.  This will be your line of support and also this will serve as a dance partner once we get to the Ewe repertoire.

We work hard and need to be focused.   Our big push is to prepare for performances.  If you don’t make a lot of practices and are unprepared for the performance that is on you.  If specific and certain situations arise we will address them on a case to case basis. If I feel you are not ready for a performance I will talk to you.  You may be removed from the performance!! This should not come as a complete shock. I will do my absolute best to be in constant communication with the captains and other members to get a gauge on the mindset of the team.  If you feel I am asking too much, please have your captains communicate this to me. If something does not make sense, please communicate this to me. I do understand and know how hard we all work (especially you) and I will do my best to allow some wiggle room when appropriate.  

We need to be at football games, we need to be at basketball games, we need to be at the winter concert, and we need to try our best always.  We will perform for Black History Month. We will perform at the world music concert May 8th.  

We will also be playing drums, signing in a different language, and learning dances.  We will be making a complete and definitive recording at this years world music concert.  In order to be prepared for this the choreographing and rehearsal will begin the week after homecoming. 

Why?  Why do we do what we do – honestly?  I have longed to create a band that is woven into the fabric of the school.  It was not always this way! Yes, it is a commitment. Yet, it is challenging.  YET, making music with each other in a community setting is a worthwhile experience.  


getting organized: tune list (find an updated repertoire list), flip book (put your name on it and get a lyre, I also suggest you have a binder with the music in it – 2 copies overall), rehearsal recordings (are in the google drive under “reference recordings”), uniform (you must keep this straight and organized, shoes, gloves, pants/jacket on the hanger), pep band t-shirt,  keeping locker organized.  new members have the most work to catch up on that first year – focus on the 2 homecoming selections because they must be memorized.  you must have your music at all times.  music must be stored in a secure place and not hidden in a secret spot.

section leaders: I am a firm believer in having a community of support but ultimately we do need to have a section leader and assistant.  the section leader must ensure everyone in the section is on the same page in regards to music, expectations, attendance, and overall environment.  at the end of any event when a uniform is used the section leader’s responsibility is to make sure all uniforms are neatly organized. unorganized pants and jackets will earn a grade of “O.”  the section leader is in charge of leading bonding activities and putting their best effort in communication with all members.  we are here to help each other.   to take attendance mr. flygt will ask section leaders who is here/not here.

band assistant duties: you have to be at everything.  class is not a study-hall.  you are going to work with mr. flygt.  daily attendance and grades will be announced by mr. flygt and assistant will record them immediately.  band assistant will work with section leaders with respect to uniform organization.  will document attendance at all events.

missing activities: how do we want to deal with this?  alternative assignments? really?  if you miss band camp you will compete at solo contest in march, and pick up the appropriate amount of community service hours.

community service: you will work for the band in an appropriate way: sweeping practice rooms, organizing uniforms, mopping floors, filing music, fixing things, or doing some appropriate light labor.  will sign a waiver saying this is not bullying or child labor.

game day schedule for football – before and after: students are welcome to hang out in the band room whenever they want before a game.  depending on the spirit of mr. flygt or not we have a drumline practice.  loosely speaking you should be in the band room 90 minutes before a game.  for a 7:15 pm game : at 5:30 pm sharp you must be in uniform and in the band room.  we will lead a new warm-up with specific recited responses.  by  6 – 6:15 pm we are heading outside to the parking lot.  you are expected to stay the entire game.  if you need to leave early you must complete an “early release form” to be completed by your parents due the wednesday before.  we will come up with a firm weather policy.

daily/weekly/monthly expectations: all varsity band students are to be in school and on time on a regular basis.  you are to have your ID on at all times (unless it gets in the way of the activity you are participating in).

b-ball games: the most games we will do in a single week is 2 and we will vote on them if they are back-to-back.  we will never do 3 games in a week ever again.  you must wear your pep band t-shirt and be on time.  must be in the gym 30 minute before the game starts.  we are going to add a bunch of stuff this year.  stay tuned!  majorettes typically create special routines for the Green and Gold Game as well as senior night.  Flags – lets do some amazing things this year.  Flag Routine for Girls Senior Night – and more?

cheers: we will do cheers, they are awesome.  doing things together is awesome.

samba: we are going to play samba to build our collective community, to promote culture from brazil, to have a great time, and to create a large ensemble for a few different performing opportunities.  you must stand the entire time: i don’t care.  no cell phones, no homework doing.  studying traditional music gives us perspective and depth of all music.  these are the roots.

gahu: the collective narrative on music education has been everything but music from other cultures.  we will be performing gahu because it is completely amazing and is the root of a lot of things.

band board positions:  president, vice-president, historian, and the elder board: compromised of drum majors, section leaders and flag/majorette captains.  what does the band board do: we would meet once a month to discuss current state of things.  it would be before school at 7:30 am.  we would plan fun activities, make sure information is relayed appropriately, and continue to ensure a consistent state of happiness.  we will ask makyra how she is feeling.

fundraising: at this point we will continue our discussion.  SNAP was the easiest platform on us and you.  the biggest thing is some people literally did nothing.  what do you think?

drum major expectations and selection process: at least 2 years in Varsity Band, either 1 junior and 1 senior or 2 seniors, must attend all football and basketball games (only able to miss 1 of each), willing to relay information from mr. flygt to the rest of the band, will lead warm-ups at the start of class.  final decisions will be run by the drum majors.  we may have 2 seniors and a junior in training.



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