inspiration music

December 20, 2016
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here are some tracks that really get my motor tweaked!

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this is going to be a great week?

December 12, 2016
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playing test tuesday for beginning band.  as discussed.  7th period can do the video if they e-mail it to me before class tomorrow.

varsity band band only – clothes pins and shoes by wednesday!

everyone else: listen to these songs!!

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post-concert reflection

December 7, 2016
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generalized comments from students about the concert:

  • the flag corps was BEAUTIFUL, the tune selections were amazing, how great thou art was properly dedicated, trumpets was amazing! the drumline sounded really good, i was sad not everyone had gloves, too many people were talking in the foyer, our section did not get their picture taken, i do not like dancing too early in the morning, i wish more people could have been part of the appreciation speech, i wish we would have actually known what we were practicing, i wish i would have practiced more on my own, i wish people in my section would know how to be quiet, i wish people would show up to school more often, i don’t know why some people cannot be quiet, i liked coming down the aisles, lets address communication skills and positive attitude, i did not like it that people stole gloves, i did not like waiting, i thought this year has been the best year in my musical career, i feel like i am getting better each and every day,  i feel everyone can improve in their like in some facet so you cannot be content with where you are right now, i need to improve my attitude b/c i have been rude sometimes, zero days since the last day on nonsense, the last 14 weeks have been great…we had happy moments..we had sad moments…these are memories i will not forget, i have nothing that i would like to share, do you actually read these, i am not sure why there is a negative vibe sometimes, i do not know why mr. flygt gives us shade, i have never seen mr. flygt so stressed out, i am glad mr. flygt was not that stressed out, i also like the new songs the band plays..they sound so much better, i wish some people would not act like the band is only about them and that their actions affect other people, we need AC in the room because it becomes hot and the struggle will be real, we broke a light and we freaked out, i didn’t like the fact that we didn’t know we were playing uh-oh, we didn’t dance a lot, i wish we would have marched more or moved more, i liked the vibes…a lot of energy, i don’t like how repetitive it gets after a while,


am I happy, yes.  could things go better.  always.  here is the thing: we are a large group of teenagers.  some of us are still growing and maturing.  some of us are not.  how do we best manage these growing pains – that is the question.  how can i predict where we will have issues.  no one will be able to replace this senior class.  no one will be able to replace amari, tyanna, and justice.  are you practicing by your self?  are there issues that annoy you in band that you can address?  what would it take for you to ask someone to be quiet? do you know everyone’s name, what if you called an extra rehearsal.  to be continued.

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things that need to happen today

December 6, 2016
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good morning!

pictures: a section at a time.

while that is happening:

  1. put hats away
  2. put plumes away
  3. put instruments away
  4. put gloves away
  5. all shoes need to be in lockers
  6. performance review and inventory
  7. help mr. flygt sweep 2 areas
  8. check pep band schedule (girls game are added)
  9. do we want to review gahu songs?
  10. relax, but not until all items above are completed

performance review:

name:  date:

3 things that you liked, 3 things that you did not like.  3 things to improve.

how have you been feeling personally the last 14 weeks in band?  good? bad? a mixture of both?  how is your section doing? how are you doing individually? (6 sentences)

is there anything on your mind you want to share? (2 sentences)

have you paid your candy money or communicated what is up?

band only: please notate your jacket and pants number.  also notate your shoes.  and think about how we should deal with gloves.


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way to go #toblessed2bestressed

December 5, 2016
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yeah baby!


facebook livestream from my pocket

seriously a special one! that was great!! thanks for everything.

going forward:

-pictures, uniforms, cleaning up, pep-band, christmas assembly

-2017 dates (TASTE, Samba Concert april 8th and rehearsals, Singing, Improving our Musicianship Skills, Nani Concert, Going Hard, Going Smart, Having a good time, Drumline Solo Contest March 4th)

-Semester 1 final

-Community Service

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