Semester 2!

January 31, 2012
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hope you are well

3rd period- print stuff off by thursday.  please check the resources section.

  • ellegua, “Praise, Praise…”

4th period – 1-3 is due thursday.  notice the change. print the above titles for thursday.

8th period – look up terms for thursday.



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January 26, 2012
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i would like to take this time to personally thank all of you for an absolutely terrific semester.  i truthfully enjoyed myself.

2nd period – way to go.  i can’t wait to help you take it all to the next level.

3rd period – no matter what i say or do please understand that i am trying to push you as much as i can in a short period of time.  today for instance, we played for almost an entire hour non-stop!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!  AND THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!  even if my temper gets a little up there,  please remember i want only the best for you all.  ONLY THE BEST!

4th period – i am still impressed with your level of musicianship.  you are all very talented.  i can’t wait to share some more things with you next semester.  if you are reading this, you are the chosen class for donuts on monday!!  YIPEE!!!  out of all the classes, i chose you guys!  way to go.

6th period – you guys rock!  we are still going to hit it even harder second semester.  reminder about extra credit for the concert on april 12th.

8th period – YEAH!!  there we go!  i was very impressed with some of the finals i went through.  i still have quite a bit of work left.  our samba and world music study will even go further as we branch into Cuban Santeria. 

CONCERT APRIL 12th!!!!  7 pm!!!  MARK IT DOWN!!!

in the meantime, check this out.  percussion class, listen for the new break.  we are not playing the exact patterns but they are very similar.  be sure to turn the volume up!!  enjoy!

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January 23, 2012
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this is exactly what i will be doing once we finish exams this week

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Music Appreciation Study Guide

January 22, 2012
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all vocab

-there will be a word bank provided.

topics from chapter 1 and 2.  (perceptive listening, jazz, classical music…)

treble clef and bass clef note identification

basic rhythm counting (TA’s, and Ti Ti’s)

there will be one musical madness.


here is what we listened to on friday!!  check out both clips.

…the musical madness will include these two tracks.  you have to compare and contrast them in an intelligent and purposeful manner.

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Etta James

January 21, 2012
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hey all!

i trust you made it home safely.  i am enjoying a fantastic friday evening and i hope you are as well.

etta james passed away today.  you may recognize the following song.  more info here.

3rd period – i will still accept fridays homework on monday for partial credit

4th period – be sure to review EE #215-223 for the sight singing portion on the final exam.

6th period EXTRA CREDIT!!!  listen to “at last” by etta james and type up a response about the song to turn in on monday in class.  what does it mean to you?  what instruments are involved?  tell me literally everything about it 

  • reminder about the final on thursday:
  • sing elementary exercises 48,49, or 50.  you choose one to memorize
  • do,do re do…only up to LA
  • la, la ti la,…
  • our 7 note scale
  • then we will have a rehearsal and i will grade the entire class on the rehearsal.  if it goes well, everyone will get a high mark.


8th period – i hope to get some study materials up on saturday afternoon.  thank you.

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finals update

January 19, 2012
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3rd period

-tell me about maracatu – what is it?  what is the history?  what drums are involved?  check out in the “cool stuff” section for more info.  best answers are typed up and due friday

4th period

-we went through the final today.  be sure to check in to see if you have everything.  here are some examples.

  • notate a root position triad in the following keys
  • I in G Major
  • ii in C Major
  • iii in E-flat Major
  • IV in A-flat Major
  • V in D Major
  • vi in A Major
  • vii o B-flat Major

i will let you know if our special guest comes

6th period

-playing test is pushed to friday.  singing test is during finals week with the written exam

8th period

-be sure to have printed Hold Me, Rock Me for thursday

check out these videos, they are from my dear friend Mr. Frank Gallo.  please be sure to watch the second one.


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homework update

January 15, 2012
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hey!!  check out the new RESOURCES SECTION!


3rd period – print off Hold Me, Rock Me – it is in the resources section.

4th period – print off Hold Me, Rock Me – it is in the resources section.  work on 25 and 26 for tuesday.  finish bass line to the new song by tuesday.  write the bass line on another piece of paper as neatly as you can.  if you feel very motivated, try to add some chords that you like.

6th period – e-mail mr. flygt if you did not get the music.

8th period – print off Hold Me, Rock Me.  It is in the resources section.  Also, finish a reflection on the singing assessment on friday.  ALL FOR WEDNESDAY!

check out this song.  this is one of the group pieces that we will perform on the spring concert.

here is a version of “Hold Me, Rock Me.”  it has the most views on youtube.  and it is very enthusiastic… we will do it a little different.

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4th period assignment update

January 11, 2012
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4th period

-count out snare drum etude, ID anything you do not know, due on friday.

-bass line to “Alleluia” for tuesday.  write it out neatly on staff paper.

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First Post of the year!

January 10, 2012
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And we will prepare for Carnival 2012!!  IT IS WARMING UP IN HERE!!

everyone, watch this clip.  8th period instructions are below.

8th period will answer the following questions and type them up for Thursday.  You will get 10 points extra credit if you hand them in on Wednesday.


-What do you see? (be specific, 5 sentences.)

-How many colors do you see and how do they make you feel?  (5 sentences)

-Although you may not understand what they are saying, do they appear to be extremely enthusiastic?  Does each performer draw the listener in?  Do you want to watch the whole clip?  (5sentences)

to give you a feel about some other things, you may want to watch this.

for more information about THE BIG THING, go right here.


-3rd (# 215 – etc), 4th (root position triads), and 8th (# 215 – etc) have singing tests on friday!


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