Etta James | January 21, 2012

hey all!

i trust you made it home safely.  i am enjoying a fantastic friday evening and i hope you are as well.

etta james passed away today.  you may recognize the following song.  more info here.

3rd period – i will still accept fridays homework on monday for partial credit

4th period – be sure to review EE #215-223 for the sight singing portion on the final exam.

6th period EXTRA CREDIT!!!  listen to “at last” by etta james and type up a response about the song to turn in on monday in class.  what does it mean to you?  what instruments are involved?  tell me literally everything about it 

  • reminder about the final on thursday:
  • sing elementary exercises 48,49, or 50.  you choose one to memorize
  • do,do re do…only up to LA
  • la, la ti la,…
  • our 7 note scale
  • then we will have a rehearsal and i will grade the entire class on the rehearsal.  if it goes well, everyone will get a high mark.


8th period – i hope to get some study materials up on saturday afternoon.  thank you.

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