Beginning Band

Below you will find the course syllabus, calendar, and assignments.

Beginning Band Information  (welcome!!  you are going to learn an instrument – COOL!!  by the end of semester 1 you will learn how to read and write music, solfege, how to play a 1-octave major scale, a 1-octave minor scale, and a 1-octave chromatic scale!!  you will also learn various world music traditions and concepts.  for 2nd semester we will focus on 3-4 selections to perform at our concert in June)


Week 1 watch this video.  wynton marsalis is playing a type of trumpet.  

end of week 1 checklist (have a binder, print syllabus and contract, pay fees {$75.00 “Lane Tech Band Booster”} , prepare for dictation quiz, and maintain a stellar attitude) completion of all online forms.  

OK!!  The instruments we will be able to select: flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone, tuba and percussion.  alto saxophone maybe!!

now, familiarize yourself with the brass family! there are 5 that we will learn about in class.  the only one that is missing is the baritone which is a smaller friend of the tuba.


 i will ask you to name the 4 instruments pictured, the one that is not, the performers name, what instrument he is performing with, how you would describe the sound of the trumpet (rich, crisp, glorious, impeccable, clean, sharp, warm, beautiful) AND to name the 5 instruments of the woodwind family.  

all you have to do is watch a brief portion of the videos below.  



Week 2 



Week 3


Listening Review For # 53

  • listening assignment due on Friday the 22nd (Hand written response is ok).  Answer these questions:
  1. How would you describe the tone? scratchy, weak, full, etc
  2. Do you want to listen to it again, yes or no?
  3. Why?  Support your answer. (2 Sentences)
  4. What is it like to listen to yourself (or in some cases someone else) play? (2 sentences)


Alternative Assignment

Please read this carefully:  if you missed meet the band rehearsal, meet the band concert, and/or know you cannot attend the concert – you need to complete some/part/or all of the following.  

Pick from the following (All Responses must be typed)

Andy Williams Christmas Special

watch this clip and answer the following

1) Over a period of how many years did he perform these specials?

2) Who is Andy Williams?  Give me a few sentences about him.

3) What do you think of the colors and outfits everyone is wearing?  Give me three sentences.  Would you wear something like that?

4) How about those special effects?  What are they simulating?

Bing Crosby and Special Guest

watch this clip and answer the following

1) Who is Bing Crosby? (birthdate, occupation… a little bit more)

2) Who is Michael Buble?

3) What did you think of the song?  (3 sentences)

White Christmas

watch this clip and answer the following

1) Give me 8 sentences about this song and Irving Berlin’s movie “White Christmas.”

Ray Charles

watch this clip and answer the following

1) Tell me about Ray Charles.

2) Tell me about Dionne Warwick.

3) What did you think of the song? (3 sentences)


Apartheid (the state of being apart)

racial segregation by the National Party (NP) in South Africa from 1948-1994.

Afrikaans – one of the _______________ ______________ of South Africa with a _________ origin.

History of the Region


music appreciation quiz 1:

  1. what instrument is this?clarinet-2
  2. how about this one?6_saxophone-9.jpg
  3. and now this? flute


4. c8cd780a32194609a1f3a067e27ac238--baron-trumpets

what is the large man playing?

5. What is the small man at the top playing?

6.  Gregorian Chant is _________________ in ____________________. (Language)

7.  Most of the Chants are taken from ________________________   ______________________.

8. Gregorian Chant is named after whom?

9.  what time period are we studying?

10. name one other thing that is happening during this time?


quiz 2

  1. J.S. Bach was ________________________ (nationality).
  2. His main instrument was __________________________________.
  3. Growing up he faced a rough life because both of his parents passed away before he turned the age of ________________________.
  4. what is the one time period directly after The Middle Ages?
  5. Please define cantus firmus?
  6. what is the significance of cantus firmus? (how did these help move things in the next direction? )
  7. Identify this:

8. Identify this:


quiz 3 

-fill in the blank when applicable

  1. what does “p”  mean to play? to play  ____________.
  2. what does  “mp” mean to play? to play __________  ____________.
  3. what does “f” mean to play? to play ________________.
  4. what does “mf” mean to play? to play ____________  ____________.
  5. what language are these in?
  6. the piano was first called the? (two-words slammed together) ____________________
  7. why was it called that?
  8. what advances led to the piano the way it is today? advances in ______________________.
  9. label this instrument


10. label this instrument and the man playing it


friday 1/12/18 quiz

  1. what is the primary instrument of Miles Davis?
  2. what is the primary instrument of John Coltrane?
  3. what is the primary instrument of Max Roach?
  4. what is the primary instrument of Clifford Brown?
  5. what is the primary instrument of Dave Holland?
  6. what is the main person Clifford Brown played with and recorded with?
  7. what is one nickname for John Coltrane?
  8. what is something interesting about the relationship between John Coltrane and Miles Davis when they played together?
  9. what finally motivated John Coltrane to drop his dependancy on controlled subtsances?
  10. what branch of the military did John Coltrane serve in?
  11. name the one song by John Coltrane that we talked about and listened to in class.
  12. name the album Miles released in 1949?  how many people were in it?
  13. in the 1970’s Miles Davis began to be influenced more and more by?
  14. how did Clifford Brown reach his unfortunate end?
  15. many people feel Max Roach is one of the…
  16. Dave Holland differs from all of the other musicians we discussed this week because he is ___________________ and was born in the ______________________.


  1. The website notes that “the electric guitar may be the most important and popular instrument of the last half-century in American music.” Why was it so important?
  2. What were some of the techniques used to make guitars louder in the years before the invention of the electric guitar?
  3. What were some of the techniques used to make guitars louder in the years before the invention of the electric guitar?
  4. What is a “hollow-body” electric guitar? What were some of the problems associated with these instruments?
  5. The website notes that “during the early years of its existence, the electric guitar’s viability as a ‘true’ instrument was frequently debated. The instrument’s detractors often claimed it did not produce a pure, ‘authentic’ musical sound.” Why do you think they may have felt this way? Do you think their objections were justified? Why or why not?
  6. In what ways were electric guitars innovative? What could musicians do with them that they could not do with an acoustic guitar?
  7. Why was the electric guitar so important to the development of Rock and Roll?
  8. Which type of electric guitar has had the greatest impact on Rock and Roll? Why?

Listening Quiz ROCK

Label 1-8 and get ready.  get ready to ROCK!

Rock Quiz – Elvis is ALIVE QUIZ 2

  1. when he was born something significant happened – what was it?
  2. Elvis picked up the guitar when he was?
  3. His parents could not afford a ___________ so they got him a guitar instead.
  4.  Elvis starred in how many films?
  5.  When and where did Elvis record “that’s all right?”
  6. What did Elvis do around March of 1958 that is significant?
  7.  Elvis played a big part in what type of situation with race?
  8.  When did he die and how do people feel about it?
  9. BONUS QUESTION: according to the video we watched in class, what did R and B really refer to?

Modern Pop Quiz: QUIZ 3

  1. there were once three seperate charts to mark album sales and plays?  name 2 of the 3.
  2. what type of device did the youth use to “have their own music?”
  3. name one record company that was deemed a hotbed of music creation?  hint: one in chicago and one in memphis.
  4. white artists like elvis presley, jerry lee lewis, and carl perkins were considered what type of rock and roll because of the country influence?
  5. “there’s only one true king of rock and roll.  his name is _______________.” – Stevie Wonder.
  6. what were chuck berry’s songs primarily about?  3 things.
  7. johnny cash cultivated an image as an _______________.
  8. what’s one reason for the decline of rock and roll in the late 50’s?
  9. use of gospel style vocals and pop music = ____________
  10. motown music was characteristically 2 things: what and what?

the beatles and the rolling stones QUIZ 4

1.  what type of “invasion” were both the beatles and the rolling stones part of?

2.  the beatles were led by the songwriting of  _____________ ____________ and ________________ _____________.

3.  the beatles were the first to: _______________________ ( 4 possible answers, just list 1).

4.  the beatles exposed the public to ____________________ (what type of guitar played by George Harrison).

5.  what was most significant about “eleanor rigby?”

6.  what was most significant about “a day in the life?”

7.  the rolling stones were led by frontman ______________ ________________ and blues guitarist _______________  ________________.


  1. What factors came together to create punk rock in the mid-70s? (list 2)
  2. What are some of the musical features of Punk Rock music? (list 2)
  3. Funk is very focused on _____________ and less focused on ______________ and ____________.
  4. The main setting for enjoying Disco was ______________.
  5. The major musical feature of Disco is that the drums use a ___-on-the-________ pattern.
  6. Reggae uses a particular upbeat guitar/keys pattern called ___________.
  7. The lyrical ideas expressed in reggae songs were often related to ______________.
  8. Many of these ideas come from the ______________ belief system/religion.

History of Metal QUIZ 6

  1.  Name one song by Slayer.
  2. When did “Metal” begin?  The late _________.
  3. “Metal” bands began cranking the _______________ up.
  4. This band crystallized the “Metal” movement with their album in the late 70’s which highlighted the occult, drugs, and the industrial grim outset of their town.
  5. KISS was __________ “Metal.”
  6. People often feel that “Metal” lurked in the murky depths of the ________________________.
  7. By the 90’s, “Metal” branched out to include elements of hip hop and was considered to be the sub-genre called _______ – metal.
  8. “Metal” is both ______________ and _______________ contained in perfect unity.
  9. ___________ is only an illusion.

Theory Thursday Break Down:

Every thursday we will cover the following:

  1. First, answer this in your note book:  are you doing everything you can on a daily basis – within reason?  where can you/we improve?
  2. sing all of the elementary exercises until we are finished.  work on thirds.  then triads.
  3. rhythm trainer: at least 2 exercises on the board.  we will grade one of these and enter it in the book.
  4. choice of gahu songs or fundamentals of samba

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