day 3

August 31, 2016
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fees!  check your e-mail

  • varsity anthem
  • shout it out
  • crusher
  • go lane go
  • bang bang
  • all night long
  • cadences
  • spin

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day 2

August 30, 2016
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  • fees.  $40 for winds and brass before thursday is done.  check or money order to “Lane Tech Band Booster”
  • are you in the class? any scheduling issues – please e-mail me
  • are you getting e-mails? can you see the drive?
  •  have a pencil!
  • put your name on your music
  • if something does not make sense please ask.
  • please do not say you cannot do something
  • varsity anthem
  • crusher
  • bang bang
  • all night long
  • cadences?
  • go lang go (only some people)

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day 1 2016

August 23, 2016
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hello! please read

band rental fee early bird special: rental fees for band students are $75 and $40 for percussion this year (this is different than quick start).  it will be discounted if you pay next week during camp.  this will be updated with the exact amount soon.  all checks and money orders must be made out to “Lane Tech Band Booster.”

we are not playing at the football game the 26th.

i will see you monday august 29th @ 3 pm in the band room.

  • rehearsal will be 3:30-6 pm.  we will meet first to chat.  then break up.  majorettes and flags can go outside if they wish.
  • we are playing at the game september 2nd.  we will be marching to the stadium and playing in the stands.  you will need to wear a lane tech shirt.  we should be done by 9:15 pm at the latest.
  • selections we will be rehearsing: bang bang, all night long, varsity anthem, go lane go, crusher, shout it out, spin, say my name, cadences intro 1 2 3 with break and first ending, wobble. (drumline print everything, first year members look under drive)
  • drumline – this is a reminder that once school begins we will begin at 7 am everyday including the first day.  plan accordingly now.  morning practices will stop after homecoming.
  • anything else – let me know!


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