March 27, 2017
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varsity band: 

monday: flag and majorettes – entrance and 3 variations.  Band, crazy in love and get lucky

tuesday: Samba

wednesday: Samba? or get lucky

thursday: Get Lucky, Band

friday: Get Lucky, Test on Choreography for Borborbor

beginning band: 

prep for Mambo Cubano and All That Jazz.  playing test is on anything. will begin tuesday.

thursday: singing and rhythmic dictation

friday: new tunes?

jazz band:

monday: quiz on george fludas

tuesday: set list for april 21st

wednesday – friday: run repertoire


monday: listening test, dates going forward, and repertoire

tuesday-friday: practice


-he was inspired by his father, who also played…

-he briefly attended… _________________ university

-when he was twelve, his dad took him to see _______________

-how did he make the change from drafting to music?

-how does he describe Maurice Golden?

-what did Mr. Golden call drummers?


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oh snap

March 22, 2017
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$10.  minimum donation.

people without donations: Adam W, Alejandro G, Alexandra R, Alexis S, Alfredo S, Alfredo G, Amara A, Amari H, Amber P, Anh T, Anthony A, Antonio B, Ariana B, Armando F, Arturo M, Ashley S, Benjamin J, Brandon C, Brayan V, Brianna M, Britney T, Bryan L, Casey D, Cassandra G, Ceyanna D, Chloe M, Chris T, Chris S, Cordell C, Crystal S, Daisy S, Daisy C, Dalyla P, Dana C, Daniel A, Danny D, Darryl J, David C, David F, Dean K, Dean K, Destiny B, Deven K, Devin S, Diana K, Doriyon W, Eduardo C, Elias B, Elias S, Emily R, Emmanuel G, Esmeralda L, Estefany P, Evelyn A, Giselle A, Harry P, Heidi G, Iris S, Isabel C, Isai R, Izuli C, Jacquelyn H, James D, Jasinaremi R, Jazmin A, Jelilat E, Jezreel G, Jose A, Joshua B, Juan T, Julianna D, Justice W, Justine R, Kamil M, Karina B, Karla O, Keegan K, Kylee G, Kylisha S, Laura C, Leah F, Leo R, Lexi P, Luis C, Luke C, Makyra W, Marcelino N, Marco B, Maria V, Mariana G, Melanie C, Merely B, Merely B, Michael K, Nia W, Nick P, Nik W, Nikki C, Nora G, Nygel S, Olha O, Patrick R, Pedro C, Priscilla M, Ravel V, Renata R, Roan Q, Sema’J Y, Shania T, Shirley Z, Steven P, Tanzania C, Tegan A, Tyanna P, Vanessa R, Veasna E, Vinayak P, Vincent M, Violet B, Viviana G, William P, Yazmin R, Yuri O

be on time.

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update! snap and more

March 20, 2017
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I-Days!! WAY TO GO!

pictures for program after school tuesday seniors only

e-mails and participation

dates: march 29th samba, april 26th samba, april 29th lacrosse, may 5th samba, may 25th celebrate, june 2nd – band.

everything you can do, everyday.  be on time!  be on point!

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March 16, 2017
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  1. thank you band for the pictures! woo! i am so proud of you!
  2. take 5-8 minutes and make sure your uniform is square!
  3. flag and majorettes that are here: borborbor choreography
  4. drumline: samba in back (thumb, T, half and half, hang loose)
  5. band – toast to lane tech, crazy in love, special guest today!

everyone else! lets do this!!

beginning band – no instruments.

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tunes to check out

March 13, 2017
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i know you don’t even look at this but

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