oh snap | March 22, 2017

$10.  minimum donation.

people without donations: Adam W, Alejandro G, Alexandra R, Alexis S, Alfredo S, Alfredo G, Amara A, Amari H, Amber P, Anh T, Anthony A, Antonio B, Ariana B, Armando F, Arturo M, Ashley S, Benjamin J, Brandon C, Brayan V, Brianna M, Britney T, Bryan L, Casey D, Cassandra G, Ceyanna D, Chloe M, Chris T, Chris S, Cordell C, Crystal S, Daisy S, Daisy C, Dalyla P, Dana C, Daniel A, Danny D, Darryl J, David C, David F, Dean K, Dean K, Destiny B, Deven K, Devin S, Diana K, Doriyon W, Eduardo C, Elias B, Elias S, Emily R, Emmanuel G, Esmeralda L, Estefany P, Evelyn A, Giselle A, Harry P, Heidi G, Iris S, Isabel C, Isai R, Izuli C, Jacquelyn H, James D, Jasinaremi R, Jazmin A, Jelilat E, Jezreel G, Jose A, Joshua B, Juan T, Julianna D, Justice W, Justine R, Kamil M, Karina B, Karla O, Keegan K, Kylee G, Kylisha S, Laura C, Leah F, Leo R, Lexi P, Luis C, Luke C, Makyra W, Marcelino N, Marco B, Maria V, Mariana G, Melanie C, Merely B, Merely B, Michael K, Nia W, Nick P, Nik W, Nikki C, Nora G, Nygel S, Olha O, Patrick R, Pedro C, Priscilla M, Ravel V, Renata R, Roan Q, Sema’J Y, Shania T, Shirley Z, Steven P, Tanzania C, Tegan A, Tyanna P, Vanessa R, Veasna E, Vinayak P, Vincent M, Violet B, Viviana G, William P, Yazmin R, Yuri O

be on time.

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A Music Educator with a strong love for percussion. At Lane Tech we work on building confidence and proficiency in music. You can reach me at aflygt@cps.edu. Be sure to follow us on twitter!!! @LaneTechHSMusic. THIS IS NOT A COMMUNICATION AVENUE FOR CURRENT STUDENTS.







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