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  • EE 333 #215
  • concert review
  • Rap Music Discussion (this is it!!)
  • a few thoughts about the discussion: As I said before, I think it is hilarious that many of you did not take this seriously at all.  In my humble opinion so many of you “love” hip hop/rap/edm/mumble rap/house/electronic music – correct? – but when I asked you to discuss it intelligently and work through some things it appeared as though some of you simply lacked the skills to say anything meaningful!!?!  So, what is it?   RIGHT?  Do I like Rap? What do I think about Rap? I like GOOD MUSIC.  I like music that is appealing to me.  And there is the largest issue.  A large majority of someones “musical taste” is completely open-ended!  How do you quantify how you feel?  What is real?  What are you basing your thoughts on?  A few things I will tackle, yes I enjoy some Rap and Hip Hop. Here is where it gets tricky.  I like some stuff from my youth, from way back ago, and from some current artists.  And I like things that appeal to me.  What specifically appeals to me: thought provoking grooves, phrases that are of harmonious proportion, specific earth shattering grooves, extremely uptempo break beats, thoughtful and easy beats, a subtle groove, interesting sounding bass drum/snare/hihat samples, woodblocks, exciting percussion, and so on.  I cringe when someone says, “I like dat beat…it is good.”  What specifically?  RIGHT!? What I laugh at is when someone says they like so and so because they have a good “flow,” they have a good “rhyme,” and they are good “poets,” and they rap about “how life is currently,”  and the things that they “faced.”  In my opinion those are some of the facets of ALL MUSIC.  Need to elaborate more on this later.  And finally, listening to music is SO ABSOLUTELY related to being an open minded person.  Are you able to listen to someone that has a different opinion?  Are you able to find common ground?

Harmony Resources

Louis Armstrong History




What city is the birthplace of Louis Armstrong?

What are the 2 most common nicknames for Louis Armstrong and how did he get them?

What was the name of Louis Armstrong’s mentor?

What was the first city Louis Armstrong moved to?

Why is New Orleans considered the birthplace of jazz?

Who gave Louis Armstrong his first instrument?

What is the Colored Waifs home and what is Louis Armstrong’s relationship to it?

Who were the “HOT 5’s” and “HOT 7’s” ?

Where did Louis Armstrong move to after leaving Chicago?

What band did he play in in this new town?

Who was Louis Armstrong’s long time manager?

Was he a good manager( in your opinion)?

Who was Louis Armstrong’s wife and what instrument did she play?


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