happy monday!

March 12, 2012
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2nd period

3rd period my goal is to make francisco become the guy in the video in at least 6 years.

4th period corrections for overtone series.  due tuesday (wednesday if you are in choir).

brief search on pagode.  what instruments are involved.  what is it about?

8th period you are supposed to watch the link to the other video and have a rough draft due for tuesday.  check back on the blog a few days ago for the exact info.

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please enjoy this brazilian track

March 12, 2012
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this is some nice pagode

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today’s song

March 10, 2012
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reminder 4th period test on wednesday.  pick a brazilian rhythm and play along with a metronome (at 60) while counting sixteenths underneath.  and the same with partido alto, but only count quarter notes.

here is a good online metronome.

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March 9, 2012
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great week everyone!!

2nd period shout out to the french horn section.  mainly alexandra martel.  she correctly identified tenuto ( It. teh-NOO-toh) Held, sustained.  The tenuto mark is an articulation used to show emphasis given to a note or chord.  according to THE FJH Classic Music Dictionary.

3rd period very satisfying rehearsal today.  we will record on monday.

4th period homework for monday – I-IV in C and F major.

  • write the bass notes first.
  • fill out the I chord in closed position (soprano on first line E for C major, A – first space – for F major) **for F major, place the bass on 4th line F in bass clef
  • hold over the tone that is common to both chords.
  • move the remaining voices by step to the nearest chord tone.  it may be upward or downward.
  • ENJOY!
  • check the afro-cuban songs under “resources”

6th period-tabla and steve smith info due on monday.  additionally, all scales – c major, f and g major.  one octave in both clefs.

8th here is the link to the video.  rough draft due on tuesday. “what is the current state of music today?”  respond to the video.  look up some information about the guy in the video and then look up one of the bands he talks about.

AND I HAVE DECIDED TO POST A VIDEO EVERYDAY!!  if you watch it, you will slowly be introduced to something or things you have never seen ever.  i will post three today.

this one is for 4th period (nicky, will you even see this?)

this is an awesome song

this one is for rudy (evan, what do you think about the guitar solo?)

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way to go team!

March 9, 2012
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great job today everyone!!  YES!

4th period dominant in f minor, mediant in e major, dominant in d-flat major.

6th period everything you can find out about tabla.  and the three scales (c, f, and g major) due monday.

check out this video!!

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International DAYS!!

March 6, 2012
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i have decided to not put up any recordings because i know we can all do better.

4th up to the 10th partial for e,f,g,a,and b.  for wed.  special guest wed and friday

BIG test (clapping a brazilian rhythm with metronome and clapping partido alto) will be next wednesday.

8thhere is the work you might need.


i am always a fan of this song.  who wants to talk about their dreams?

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hey!! what did you guys eat for dinner tonight?

March 2, 2012
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now that i have your attention:

grades are almost done.  be sure to see me before 8 am tomorrow if you HAVE ANY ISSUES!


3rd period YESS!!!!!  YES!!!

everybody else!  YES!

check out the special guest section!!

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