here we go! | January 3, 2013

watch these!

harmony!  lyrics to let it be.  go here

3rd and 8th – if you did not finish copying EE – go here:EE 333 215  

here are some thoughts for the new year.  respectfully submitted from some students.

this year I want to be a better piano player.  I want to learn more and be better everyday.  My goal is to be good enough to compose songs.

Looking forward in the year, there are many things I hope to accomplish.  I am looking forward to graduation and hope my college applications were good enough to get accepted where I want to go.  For my  instruments, I’d like to augment my proficiency though I don’t have much time to practice.

Before the end of this semester I want to have passed all my classes.  I want to procrastinate less.  I want to be able to play clarinet better and play more often.  I want to find my heart of gold and be a better person all together.

I’m searching for my big break, the chance to show people what I can do and to share my message with people who will listen.

My heart of gold is really being able to get into college that has a music ministry program.  I know for a fact that if my life continues to be a part of filling myself with the joy and mystery of music that I will be happy.  I know that I do not always make the time but if I could compose music then I would be fulfilled.  

By the end of this year, I would like to get a grade average higher than a “C” in pre-calc, advance into sinfoinetta, learn vibrato, and show my parents I can succeed.

By the end of this semester I want to actually get through everything I have planned as well as get to things I have not planned.  But overall, I would like to be more consistent.


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