open house! alternative assignment and updates! | November 17, 2011

Hello Everyone!!

3rd period needs to show up at 10:30 am (11 am at the latest) in the band room on sunday the 20th.  donuts and juice will be provided for all of those that arrive at 10:30 am.  it will be extremely fulfilling and a good time to discuss anything else.

you must wear the shirts we talked about, and darkish or light jeans.  we will perform barefoot!!

***kinka drummers will be meeting at mcdonald’s on addison at 8:30 am saturday.  we will be rehearsing some new things and getting more comfortable.  please e-mail if you have a question.

ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT for those not performing

2 pages typed and double spaced.  What have you learned this year and what can you take from it?  5 paragraph format.  Due on monday.

4th period – sorry we did not get into minor as much as we could

-there are 3 forms:

natural (la – la) we sing this almost every day

harmonic (la – la w/ SI) SI = raised 7th

melodic – which we will get to later.

please check back for updated weekly timelines.





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