new update covid 19 post | May 8, 2020

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hey! please check your email!! i sent you a loose update.  also, i have entered in a 0 for some journals this week.  as the new guidelines came out there are some new things that are coming to you.  i do not mean to be “catching” anyone so if something is up please let me know.  at the same time, we do need to be DOING things every week.  or at least TRYING to.  we still have to do things and have to try our best.  i am having some issues myself and quite frankly i am up/down/sideways sometimes/most days.  i think it is a little more cyclical for me.  i have a good period or chunk of the day, and THEN NOT SO MUCH!!  for real!!  last week my sleep schedule was real messed up.  i was waking up at 3 am and then just staying up and hanging with my cat.  sometimes we watched star wars clone wars.  sometimes i drank coffee and then got super dehydrated.   i think it was last week! now this week it is a little better.  MAYBE?  i have been researching new pillows that might help me sleep better?  but i sort of think they are a hoax! a farce!!  i want to say i appreciate you!! even though i have not seen you all or heard from you.   i have had a great year/time and I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS YEAR FOR SO MANY REASONS!!!  this weekend i am going to try to plan a little more and i will be able to hit you directly with some stuff on tuesday.  check out google classroom.  SENIORS, double check the survey and pic upload spot.  we are trying to highlight your incredibleness through various social media spots.  BYE EVERYBODY! MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! also i have been working on some personal improvement about communication with my fiancé and it is INTENSE! communication IS SUCH A GREAT TOPIC.


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