do i hate my job?

December 6, 2017
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right now, what makes me happy within the last week:

i had a bunch of rehearsals for a gig on saturday night.  by rehearsing i was able to hang out with some friends tuesday, wednesday, and friday night for AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME.  monday nights i accompany a dance class at old town school of folk music.  IT IS FUN TO PLAY FOR DANCERS!  i bought an evergreen candle that i have been burning and it smells delish.  i got my hair cut.  i got some new accessories for my bathroom.  i went to a very interesting church conference about empowering elders and got a free book.  the conference outlined some things i have been thinking about.  i fell asleep saturday afternoon before my gig watching “ancient aliens” on history channel and i still made it to the sound check on time.  while i was loading into the gig i called a friend and spoke with him on speaker phone.  he is in sunny california and is doing well.  i also spoke with my brother briefly.  i caught some scores of college football while at the gig and was still proud of the accomplishments of the UW badgers.  sunday i got up at 8 am and was completely unaware or where i was for a moment.  then i realized it was sunday.  i got up and went to worship team practice.  we had a good practice and then service went well.  after service our congregation went caroling in roscoe village.  it was a blast.  i got a coffee before and was amped.  it was a beautiful day sunday!  after that a friend and i went to a pub to catch the end of the packers game.  i had a bowl of chili and a black bean burger.  the burger had some amazing cheese, avocado, and some crunchy things on it.  #legendary.  the chili was fantastic.  the packers won in OT.  #yeahboys.  then i had to drop off some gear at a friends house in wicker park.  i got a great parking spot and had a delicious cup of mango ginger tea.  we chatted briefly and then i left.  i went to target to get some things.  target is fun.  then i went home and was able to watch 60 minutes on CBS.  i love that program.  after that i cleaned a bit and did some school work.  i then watched the walking dead.  then i caught some talking dead and read before i fell asleep.  this monday we had a pep band gig and then i went to old town.  after the dance class i went to target.  before target i went to wendys and had a satisfying single burger with cheese.  at target i had to return a sweater for a differernt size.  they had it!! ah!!  and i looked for the other one but they did not.  tuesday i had a dental appointment in the evening.  i got home and had some soup.  and then did laundary and called my brother.  i vacuumed and re-organized my guest bedroom.  i watched a little curse of oak island.  this morning on the way to school i saw a beaver in the chicago river.  i stopped and watched it for 5 minutes.  i think 1st period went well today.

things that make me wonder:

limited viewpoints, society and cell phones, close minded individuals, students that don’t want to talk about big picture items, i see around 215 students every day and do my best to respond as i can – can i do everything and still have time for other duties? why is your cell phone always within reach, are you that addicted to it?  what is the difference between a math class and a music class, when students listen to music every day why don’t they want to try to remove some of the mystery to it, what makes you like something, have you ever self-examined yourself – truthfully and genuinely? what do you spend your money on?  when you have free time what do you gravitate towards doing?  do you have a good relationship with your parents, your siblings?  what is something you get excited about?  what do you really want to do and how are you taking steps towards that goal…

how much time to you have when you turn your cell phone off?  we all want more time in the day – how do you MAKE time?


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is this it?

December 1, 2017
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louis armstrong

November 29, 2017
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instrumentation questions.

small group vs. large ensemble

what is an ensemble?  what is meant by small group (duet, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, septet, octet, nonet…)  jazz combo, vocal group, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE

one video viewing.

exchange half sheets and check your partners work.  -what do you see?  did they complete it?  were they specific?  how in depth did they go when they describe the video?

louis armstrong articles and videos…

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new unit! catching up

November 27, 2017
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  1.  passing out papers.
  2. while i am passing them out, ask your neighbor how their break was
  3. moving forward (4 weeks, january heads up…)
  4. rap music discussion highlights…
  5. jazz history pretest and discussion
  6. ukes?

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study guide

November 20, 2017
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please bring your notebook as well

Unit 3 assessment topics


Instrument ID


Gregorian Chant

Pope St. Gregory

Biblical Texts

Renaissance Characteristics?

Baroque Period


-many questions

Classical Period








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interesting read?

November 15, 2017
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maybe their teachers never engaged them so they felt they had to engage themselves?

ultimately, its up to the students to decide how deeply they want to engage.


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Music Quiz on monday

November 12, 2017
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This is for 3rd 6th and 7th: choose 13 out of the 15 to answer. 

1. Compare and contrast Handel, Mozart, and Beethoven through time. Complete your answer referencing significant works, historical context, and structural changes throughout their careers. Please use no more than 3 sentences. 

2. Don’t answer # 1. Define “oratorio.”

3. Oratorio was created in response to people losing interest in Italian _____________.

4. Who is the first composer I listed in google classroom?

5. What time period are we studying?

6. What are the years we are looking at according to google classroom?

7. “The Messiah” was created by ___________.

8. “The Messiah” took multiple references from which book of the Bible?

9. Where was Mozart born?

10. Describe Mozart’s childhood in 2 sentences. 

11. Describe the professional relationship between Mozart and Beethoven. Best answers include one specific reference. 

12. In your own words, can you describe an instance where your met someone you looked up to? Can you share 3 sentences about this. 

13. List 3 characteristics or qualities of the Classical Period. I can think of 6. 

14. What happened to Beethoven in his late 20’s?

15. Out of these 3 composers, which one do you feel most intrigued by and why? 3 sentences please. 

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Happy Holidays!

November 1, 2017
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October 20, 2017
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varsity band today

October 16, 2017
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parade information.  what to expect:

uniforms (jacket, pants, shoes) go home friday after school.   bring a plastic bag to put your shoes in.

  1. 20 minutes realistically from when we begin
  2. we will play all our tunes before as a warm-up.  no music.
  3. crazy in love.  lines.  cadences. we will have more space.
  4. van is drumline and sousaphones only.  all other cases can be stored there but not long term.
  5. we have many swag apparels coming in.  stay posted.
  6. thanks bridee!!
  7. anything else?
  8. 4:15 pm columbus and roosevelt.  (cart…) parade is 6-8 pm.  then leave.
  9. 1:15 pm lane tech parking lot sunday.  parade is 2-3 pm.  then leave.

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