Music Quiz on monday | November 12, 2017

This is for 3rd 6th and 7th: choose 13 out of the 15 to answer. 

1. Compare and contrast Handel, Mozart, and Beethoven through time. Complete your answer referencing significant works, historical context, and structural changes throughout their careers. Please use no more than 3 sentences. 

2. Don’t answer # 1. Define “oratorio.”

3. Oratorio was created in response to people losing interest in Italian _____________.

4. Who is the first composer I listed in google classroom?

5. What time period are we studying?

6. What are the years we are looking at according to google classroom?

7. “The Messiah” was created by ___________.

8. “The Messiah” took multiple references from which book of the Bible?

9. Where was Mozart born?

10. Describe Mozart’s childhood in 2 sentences. 

11. Describe the professional relationship between Mozart and Beethoven. Best answers include one specific reference. 

12. In your own words, can you describe an instance where your met someone you looked up to? Can you share 3 sentences about this. 

13. List 3 characteristics or qualities of the Classical Period. I can think of 6. 

14. What happened to Beethoven in his late 20’s?

15. Out of these 3 composers, which one do you feel most intrigued by and why? 3 sentences please. 

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