what is 1 thing you would like me to know about you? | September 11, 2017

bold comments are from me (@therealmrflygt)
I am super fun (2) no you are not
I build computers i know who this is!
I look up to you every day of my life! and i am pretty awesome i look down to you because i am taller
I would one day want to adopt a monkey.
I love playing the drums and I want to do it in college.
Marching Band is the reason I’m happy in the morning.
Idk #seriously?
Loud and fun is my style
I love marching band
dogs are cool and i like them
I’m aiming to be section leader! 🙂
I’m actually funny, I think.
I’m the best section leader marching band has ever had.
I have a curfew.
I think you’re awesome.. AND YOU CAN’T TEACH THAT! #YES!
I really like my dog June
That school is aggravating except for Marching Band. #blessed
uh-oh and spottieottie don’t seem to agree with me and my trumpet, but we’re trying our best everyday
I’M VEGAN!!!!!!❤🐵🐕🐯🐂🐐🐂🐎🐂🐎🐈🐐🐈🐏🦁🐷🐂🐂🐖🐑🐫🐑🐐🐦🐻🐰🐭🐾🐭🐨🐍🐨🐧🐢🕊🐢
I LOVE YOUR CLASS! I start my school day hyped and doing what I love (music). The marching band community is incredibly supportive and a safe space for me.
I have gray hairs already thanks to marching band. (Wait but I’ve had those since I was 12…)
I love dogs and cats and I believe in doggo and catto equality. no kitta should be discriminated for the actions of another bad cattoo. Same for doggos. #pitbullsaredogstoo #blessed (on a more serious note, I’m really looking forward to hoco and what is to come this year. Thank you for being awesome and making first period as enjoyable as it can be. Thank you for loving flags bc we love you lots too. #positivity!!!) YES!! 
Sox < Cubs
Im mixed
I really enjoy this class and it is what I look forward to every morning 🙂
i dont really know!!
My birthday is October 11 🙂
i like turtles
This survey really confused me for a second.
I’m going to try a lot harder to make it to things this year
Super pumped for this year! 😀
i’m committed to school and my music career so sorry in advance if something comes up and i can’t be there.
I eat Frosted Flakes every night.
I love soul music
I’m really excited for homecoming.
Despite how it may sound when we play, I’m trying
I look shy but I’m really not.
You’re great Mr.Flygt ☺️❤️ NO I AM NOT! YOU R!! 
I like music
uhmmmm…… Hi Mr. Flygt, my name is Jean and I really really like marching band class 🙂 Let’s have a good year!
I love the flags team and I’m so excited to be a part of it for the next 2 years!!
band is my favorite class
I will do anything that is in my power to stay in VArsity band all four years! 🙂
I am 35 years old, I am divorced, and I live in a van down by the river
I work weekends so I probably can’t make most of the events or Saturday practices
My name… I mean that’s critical. Our whole relationship will be ruined if you forget that….
I love flags and you are already one of my favorite teachers 🙂
I’m a coffee addict 🙂 I also have a shiba inu
I love to laugh.
I like french fries and I have a dog named Chloe.
ima purple unicorn 🦄
I’m a DJ
I am getting skipped second semester to be a junior. this is my fourth year at Lane (LTAC).
I may or may not be planning a grand heist to steal every single star wars figure in your classroom. It will not involve a grappling hook, but please keep a window open just in case my main plan fails.
My cat’s name is Roxie and she’s a jerk… I also like puns…
I’m so ugly tears run down the back of my head to avoid my face, how you doin?
I swear I’m trying my best. 504. Asthma and slow.
Steven is a bum !!!!!!
I’m cool
I like wwe ME TOO!! 
I apologize for the amount of trouble I place you in when I attempt to play.
Keegan never plays his trombone.
I have a new job. I will be very busy. I have a rigorous course of academics this year. I will be very busy. But I will do my very best to attend everything. I love Marching Band because Music speaks to people and my instrument speaks to me.
I’m better at trumpet than garrett
I always try to work smart not work hard
I love music, I use to be in orchestra playing the viola but I quit to join marching band.(flags)
I am supportive and very curious. I’m going to try to focus more!! 😂
you can call me alex instead THANKS! 
i flag
i am excited for this school year with marching band
I like band 🙂
I’m slow
I love marching band. It has completely changed my life, you have changed my life.
I’m an amazing student and person I WILL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT
I like iced coffee in the morning
I’m not a morning person but I love your class
My name
I go to Lane Tech
Nothing (2)
I enjoy listening to music and like to create some (2)
I play soccer and might be very tired in your class
I’m a hard worker
I hate performing in front of people
I like music
I’m very friendly
I like when teachers get to know their students instead of just giving directions, etc. I HATE GETTING TO KNOW NEW PEOPLE. I HAVE ENOUGH FRIENDS/ACQUAINTANCES #BLESSED
I love interpreting and getting the real meaning out of song lyrics. I listen to music constantly, it relaxes me.
I am very forgetful and get distracted easily if I’m not interested in what I’m doing
I really love listening to music
I may be a little quiet at the beginning of the year.
I like music that uses actual instruments, not electic music or beats.
I am familiar with playing a guitar
I’m always prepared for class. well we have a test tomorrow – you ready?
My taste in music varies and I generally like what sounds good
I’m open to learning all different types of music
I’ve always wanted to play the piano but I don’t have time to
I really want to learn how to play a violin
I can be shy at times but when it comes to something like music it’s possible I might open up easier
nothing really
I am shy, but like to learn
I’m Filipino
I’d like to think I have a very ecclectic taste in music
Music has never really interested me but I know that it can be very interesting
I am a shy person at first, but I will eventually warm up.
I like to go by the nickname
That I enjoy all types of music:)
I like to laugh
I’m really excited for your class this year! NO, I’M REALLY EXCITED FOR YOUR CLASS THIS YEAR
I listen to many different types of music and my dad is a percussionist
I love travelling, love music, wish to learn to read music again
I don’t like speaking
I like wearing benies
I’ve never tried anything other than piano.
I’m shy.
I am open to new music
I love to be busy so there’s always a lot on my plate and I’m excited for music to be a part of that. (:
Slow learner
I love football(soccer)
I can’t sing
I like various types of music
I’m open to new things
I try hard to learn new things
I fell off my bike and chipped my tooth
My favorite color is green
i am very hard working
i’m loud and talk a lot
I am a visual learner
I like to procrastinate a lot but i always get my work done
I love music!!
I hate mr. flygt and this class already. #doom I THINK I KNOW WHO THIS IS! 
im typically a very shy person at first
I am excited for this class and I have a dog named Zoe named after a band from Mexico .
I don’t like to talk a lot
I never learned how to play an instrument
I play baseball and chess
I don’t know
I dont know
Nothing else
I’m Vietnamese
I learn with visuals
I was born in California
I am willing to learn an instrument
Where are you from? (i was born in madison and grew up in baraboo, wi.  went to college in appleton, wi @ lawrence university #onelove #blessed #lesgo)
I procrastinate somewhat a lot
I’m a very quiet/shy person
I think music is cool
I like the white sox
Im generally silent in class.
Nothing is that interesting about me.
How cool are you? (some say i am too positive, not at my target weight, and that I waist time doing activities that involve engaging all students.  i feel fine) 
I love to listen to music
I am actually a kind person. I may always look like I’m mad or mean, but I’m really open and very nice.
I like music more if it has meaning. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF MUSIC? WHAT IS MEANING?
I don’t like singing but music is cool
I can’t see well without my glasses/contacts
do you have pets (I HAD 2 ferrets and they died)
I want to play the drums cool 
I play baseball
5th is my lunch so i may appear drowsy OK!! DULY NOTED!! 

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