day 1 | August 28, 2017



-opening statement


-relationships and trust

-repertoire best case scenario: varsity anthem, go lane go, crusher, heart of steel, shout it out, spottie ottie, uh oh, get lucky and crazy in love.

-today we will run all of these at a slow tempo


i had a fantastic summer! it went by quick as usual.  a few highlights for me: being home in wisconsin a lot.  my mother broke her wrist so that was pretty intense.  camping trip with mr. obrien.  4th of july parade in evanston.  trying to help MA coordinate a ride and then not.  a fun gig at taste of chicago.  going to bloomington, IN, for a percussion hang with my buddies at IU.  not listening to the new ocho mixtape.  having my van break down twice.  going to some awesome weddings.  catching up with an old grade school friend.  watching the packers pre-season games.  hanging with my parents dog and my brothers dog.  going to northern wisconsin.  going on a short canoe trip with my dad.  falling out of the canoe with my dad.  going to south dakota.  visiting the corn palace.  going to see some old familial land in south dakota.  going to see laura ingalls wilder little house on the prairie.  going to colorado.  taking public transporation in denver.  walking around a lot in fort collins.  going to california,  hanging out in san jose.  driving a bit to northern california and hanging in the redwoods at brazil camp.  playing a lot of drums.  buying a vintage drumset.  my roomie is moving out, sad.  it is going to be a great year hanging with you again!

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