february is here! | February 8, 2017


drumline – march 4th: just like last year.  must perform “the moose is loose” and “bugay.” performance test is a saturday and will be scheduled by the end of today.  $15.

musical opens next week.

beginning band – LETS GO!!! 

new cheer:  my name is Enzo Amore and I am a certified G and a bonified stud and you can’t teach that, and this right here, this is big cass and he’s 7 foot tall and you can’t teach that, ba da boom, reallest guys in the room – how you doing?  I am a smack talker skywalker and I got a micsaber for a hater and what do you know? we got a couple a haters….a couple haters? ………….you two are so ugly…tears run down the back of your head to avoid your face how you doing…WE DIDN’T COME HERE TO PLAY NO GAMES. Well, Let me tell you something…I got the gift of GAB and the gift of JAB, I ain’t done, listen up, you better think twice because that’s two more thoughts than you had all day….  Big Cass will serve you two slop jalops breakfast anytime of the day, just like IHOP…. it seems like you don’t like what he’s saying…how bout you come over here and do something about it?  no….? THERES ONLY ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE YOU AND I’M GONNA SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU…. S…..A…..W…..F….T………SAWFT!!!!!!!!!


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