the semester, at a glance | February 3, 2016

here are some things that Varsity Band had to say with respect to their future life:

  • find a good career choice, support my parents, stay abstinent, get married, be happy with my life, fully live my college life while balancing school, quit my job this summer to focus on band and…, improve health of others, play trumpet in a professional big band, get fit, get the trumpets in line, do something cool for my girlfriend, dust everyone in today’s relay track practice, join doctors without borders,  learn Spanish and Arabic, have a house, be in college, play college basketball, be happy, I can’t even count this high, afford to live in an apartment, be happy stable job and maybe be married, share my music with the world, have a puppy, find my soulmate, find mr. flygt a boo, be in law school, be in med school, be in law or med school, be rich, find my life path, buy my own car, get my life together, register for voting, not be homeless, move out of my parents house, open my own studio called “the music box” or “the warehouse,” do great things, get a career in the FBI, travel with 10ml, be a lab tech, have a career as a forensic scientist, pray it isn’t me, not stress too much, spend more time with my family.
  • some of the career choices in 10 years: making babies, UN Translator, Med School, Law School, Internal Medicine, Lung Surgeon, Financial Advisor, FBI, Nursing, Forensic Scientist…








mr. flygt’s goals:

february: continue to dive head first into all things samba related.  i simply cannot get enough.  have a good time with my family on the 12th and the 20th.  100 year re-opening of the Al Ringling Theater in my home town.  Completely destroy the fatbook gig on the 19th @ the emporium.  I really hope to get a new tom arm to hold both toms on my kit for that gig.  It would be nice to have a new snare drum head for my brooklyn snare.  I am planning to be in my rehearsal spot twice a week shedding all of my tasty licks.  Pretty soon we will start rehearsing Varsity Band for TASTE.  I plan on taking TASTE to the next level.  huge monster prep for april 2nd gig.

this summer: i am planning on keeping july completely open for fatbook related activities.  i will go to my cousin’s wedding july 23rd.  end of july i plan to be in northern wisconsin at the family hang.  lots of relaxing and fishing.  no internet and lots of time on the rowboat.  i have some new fishing gear that i hope to actually trick the fish into biting.  shout out to rudy if he is reading this.  i hope he can make it as well.  i hope my brother is there with his dog aretha – she is awesome.  additionally, i hope ferguson is there.  once we get to mid-august we have some options.  i plan on going to colorado with my brother to hang.  and then i hope to be in baraboo with my parents as they celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.  it would be nice to ride my bike through devil’s lake every day (that would happen more in my younger years).  i also plan on doing lots of fun summer related activities such as grilling out, being on/in/near bodies of water, enjoying the sunset, enjoying the sunrise, sleeping outside, and skateboarding while not hurting myself.

2 years: I hope I still will be at Lane Tech.  I trust that some of my personal projects both inside and outside of school will grow.  I am very hopeful that the majority of my relationships will continue and not perish.  Hopefully current sophomores will be ready to destroy their senior year.  Also, I would hope that more alumni would come back.  That is one thing that is always a little tricky.  It is hard to keep in touch with everyone.  It would be nice to be able to speak portugues more easily.  I would love it if my hair would not fall out.  I plan on still being happy.  I certainly want to spend more time with my family and balance work a little more diligently.  It would be a stretch but it would be nice to go back to brazil or africa.  fatbook needs to come out with a new album.  I need to play more piano.  I would love to save enough personal money to buy a 15 passenger van and have the license plate either say “fatbook” or “#boom.”  who else would like to see “#” on a license plate?  i really want the packers to win another superbowl.

4 years: still at Lane Tech.  Maybe the big guy is gone – WATCH OUT!! HEY-OH!!  I hope more students like our current ones come through.  It would be awesome if the wind and brass section was twice as big! WHAT!! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT!  A lot of my stupid tasks involve work related things.  perhaps I think too much about work.  i would love to have bass drums with our logo.  It would be nice to have 4 tubas.  I want to get those slide covers for the t-bones.  perhaps a cool pep band JERSEY!  i would love everyone in drumline to be able to double like a beast.  I hope I do not continue to be horrible at the trumpet.  I need to play flute better.  Perhaps I will be riding my bike to school more often.  THAT WOULD BE NEAT! maybe I will be married and have kids.  but maybe not.  That is never the right thing to rush.  if I continue to live my life the way it should be then things will happen when they need to.  it probably would be a good time to continue to have forgiveness and compassion in my life.  as I grow old I hope I do not get fat and ugly.   the milwaukee bucks will win another NBA championship – i can feel it.

6 years: it would be cool to think about graduate school but if I am going to spend any money I would rather spend it in the following manner: a huge trip to Brazil, a huge trip to Ghana, a large trip to Sweden to visit my relatives, something for my parents or brother, maybe a cool toyota 4 runner.  I plan on having everything at work just absolutely cooking hard!  I really want to have a drumset in my office.  I think it would be awesome to have more plants integrated into the main band room.  the new windows are going to look SHARP!  is anyone still reading this?  in 6 years I cannot wait (and maybe I hope it won’t happen) but can you imagine what will happen with computers and/or the state of CPS.  what is going to happen in the city of chicago?

8 years:  I am starting to think a little too negatively.  If I am ever in a personal relationship and at this point I hope I really know the person.  8 years is a long time, but I am sure it will go by.  That will be 13 years at Lane Tech.  man.  I would like to consider owning a home but things are very expensive in the city.  if I have not done anything that was stated above I will do it now.

10 year: wow.  ok, I hope I can convince myself to dress up more and have many sharp suits.  i really think I need to dress up in a full suit at least 2-3 times a week.  at this point in my life it would be a good idea to grow my beard as large as I could.  that would be a lot of fun.  all the haters are going to continue to hate.  I hope I can make it to the age of 40 and have my life, health, family, and pleasant disposition with me.


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