music appreciation | May 31, 2013


3rd period here it is

8th!  i will post your assignment, which is due monday, later on friday

14. how are the last 7 seconds of Gnomus related to the beginning of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, movement 1?

a. repetitive development of a short phrase

b. long flowing melodies

c. they are not related

15. in 2002, superstar dj and video game composer Amon Tobim wrote “Back from Space,” which borrowed from Mussorgsky’s Gnome.  which melody is quoted?

a. melody 1

b. melody 2

c. melody 3

16.  how does the orchestration of promenade 2 differ from prom 1?  you will have to listen to both again. 🙂

17.  find “The Old Castle” and listen to it.  how would you create the scene in music without using words?

18.  do mussorgsky and ravel describe the same scene in your opinion?  yes or no?  explain.


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