Happy 4th Quarter! | April 17, 2012


concert band, go here – Toccata for a New Age

define toccata!

2nd period
-way to go at contest!!  i can’t wait to finish the year off strong with you all.

3rd period -we will play some drums on wednesday.  great job at the concert.  as soon as the clips are up i will tell you.  i am so proud of you all.

words cannot express what happened thursday night.  i will try to explain through the majesty of song.  these go out to everyone.

4th period-way to go team!!   i am so proud of everyone that performed!! i am so proud of everyone in the class!!  keep it up!!  quiz friday – 6/8 and more.  check out this clip, Nani is killing it.

6th period – playing test in 3rds for friday.  singing and playing.

8th period -essay is due next  monday – what is the state of music today?

here is the letter from Mrs. Gholston-Thompson:

Dear Students,

My soul was moved and heart warmed to hear the soulful and engaging sounds from Ghanaian and Brazilian cultures. By now, most of you have probably learned that music was a form of communication in most African and Latin American countries. Similarly, it was used as a tool for gathering family, friends, and even foes. I am so glad to know that you have embraced diverse cultures which represent only a fraction of our students’ roots. You were absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I am still trying to figure out how Mr. Flygt got everyone to clap, sing, rock and drum on beat for seven unique selections. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in continuing our school’s tradition of excellence in the Music Department.


Mrs. Gholston-Thompson

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