YEAH BABY! | December 13, 2011


now that I have your attention, check out this update.

3rd period  subscribe to the blog tonight!!  i am positive not everyone will.  in fact, i will go out on a limb and predict that Ruben Castro, Amber Fields, Edson Nava, and Val Pagan will not even read this.  please do not tell them.

singing test is WEDNESDAY IN CLASS!!!!  I WILL RECORD IT!!!  DON’T BE NERVOUS!!!!!!!  🙂

4th period great job singing today – it was a lot of fun.  singing test WEDNESDAY!!  SINGING A SCALE IN 3rds WITH SOLFEGE quarter note = 60.  AND sing all root position triads ascending and descending.  I will give you the first one.  I will record this as well.  GOOD LUCK!

6th period question for THURSDAY!  where is Sao Paolo and on what “mountain” is the Christ Statue located on in Rio de Janeiro Brazil?!!  TYPE THEM UP!!

8th period test thursday on new chapter 1 and 2 vocab + bass clef note names.

that is all.

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