May 2, 2012
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3rd period pictures due thursday, new song due thursday.  pictures of: bata drums, all congas, blocks, clave, los munequitos de matanzas, shekere, picture of ray lamontagne. here is the clip!

val suggested this one, THANKS VAL!!  i completely did not know this one!!  I AM SO DUMB!!

4th period corrections for mode quiz.  finish method 3 from today.  solfege for greensleves.  

6th period test on thursday.  unit 2.

8th period quiz on friday: big ideas from pictures at an exhibition as well early jazz samples/concepts.

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May 1, 2012
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way to go!! we are almost there!!

here are some new things to check out for everyone!

3rd period get ready

4th period i hope you enjoyed ana’s and megan’s performance.  it was a lot of fun.  type up a review for tuesday or wednesday.  great

6th period next 2 pages of the packet.  test on thursday on unit 2.

8th period watch one video on the blog and tell me about it.

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